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quinta-feira, novembro 08, 2007

Transgender MP Can`t Be Bridesmaid
A Catholic priest has blocked an Italian transgender parliamentarian from being a bridesmaid at a relative's wedding, drawing protest from her political party.

[South Korea]
South Korea drops proposed orientation discrimination
Excerpt: With respect to transgendered people, while the South Korean Supreme Court ruled last year that individuals who have undergone sex reassignment surgery are entitled to change their legal identity, it seems unlikely that the proposed new law would cover discrimination against them.

Transgender beauties try to raise environmental awareness
Excerpt: In a world increasingly concerned about climate change, the 25 transvestite and transgender contestants in Saturday's fourth annual Miss International Queen competition are trying to promote awareness on how people are damaging the environment. Organizers say the contestants often draw attention wherever they go.

[Australia] [Commentary]
Fighting For Future Freedom
My whole life changed about five years ago when I joined the Greens in outrage over the Tampa affair. I then helped organise the meeting that the Redfern community group REDWatch sprang out of. And soon I had enough confidence to come out as a transsexual, which meant hooking up with that community.
Photo: Eleanor Lister … “Most transsexuals know that we are going to be the ones that break same-sex marriage.”

The Alarming Push for Transgender Rights
Excerpt: The push for transgender rights is a religious mission, aimed at converting the hearts of men. Its missionaries want the nation to repent of its archaic attachment to the traditional family, and to become devotees to the cross-dressing, bisexual and homosexual cause.The only victory is complete victory. Until transgender crusaders achieve this utterly impossible goal—every individual a true believer—they will continue their battle, using every tool of coercion they can summon.

[USA] [Films/People]
Gender, Censorship,and the Power of Film
Milwaukee writer Jennifer Curtis interviewed Catherine Crouch about The Gendercator. The interview took place after Curtis joined with other women in trying to bring the film to Milwaukee; so far their attempts have been unsuccessful.

Report: Officer not at fault in drag performer's death
The death of a drag show performer who suffered a blow to the head on a downtown street was not the fault of a police officer who dropped her off minutes earlier, according to a panel that oversees complaints against police.

Conference To Examine LGBT Suicide
Twenty-five experts on suicide and LGBT health will meet Wednesday in Chicago to examine suicide risk - the first time such a conference has been held.

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