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terça-feira, novembro 06, 2007

Sex changes put on police agenda
POLICE chiefs in Coventry are to get new guidelines on how to deal with officers who are going through a sex change.

Helping Berlin's Male Prostitutes One Night at a Time
Excerpt: Later in the evening, the Sub/Way team move onto the areas of Berlin where male prostitutes, many working for their next fix and any money they can get, loiter on the edges of dark streets waiting for clients. A large transvestite and transsexual contingent works the street; boys in high heels and mini-skirts mix with those who have undergone gender reassignment surgery.

These Eunuchs only want big money
Eunuchs of Ahmedabad have gone corporate! Haggling over paltry sums with the neighbourhood housewife is now like a colossal waste of time for the friendly mausi.

[South Korea]
Rights Bill excludes many
The South Korean cabinet should re-introduce categories protected from discrimination that the justice ministry this week dropped from a proposed federal law, Human Rights Watch said today in a letter to the cabinet. In particular, Human Rights Watch highlighted language the Ministry of Justice withdrew from the non-discrimination bill that extended protection to sexual orientation and urged the cabinet to make explicit that the proposed law covers discrimination based on gender identity.

[MD,USA] [Commentary]
United Methodists Leave Cross-Dressing Pastor in Place ... For Now
The Judicial Council of the United Methodist Church (UMC) oversees the UMC's 7.9 million members. The Judicial Council recently declined to remove the Rev. Drew Phoenix, a woman who identifies as a "transsexual man," from her position as pastor of a Baltimore church. The court held that Phoenix could remain in place for the time being, as a formal complaint had not been filed. However, the court declined to rule on the broader legality of cross-dressers holding clerical positions within the UMC.

MassEquality Board votes to expand mission
On Sat., Nov. 3, the MassEquality Board of Directors voted to expand the organization' s mission by working closely with Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders to help bring civil marriage rights to the rest of the New England states and to work with Massachusetts-based LGBT organizations on passing legislation and securing funding to help them with their goals.

TYFA announces campaign for transgender suicide
Today, TransYouth Family Advocates (TYFA) launches the Amethyst Ribbon Campaign, an awareness project to battle suicide among transgender youth.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Why Is The Catholic Church Hatin' On Transpeople?
In October 1953 a Cuban newspaper conducted an interview with Father Hilario Chaurrondo. At the time he was a blunt, outspoken, down to earth and very popular priest known throughout the island for his prison advocacy and other work that kept him close to the grittier aspects of life in pre-Castro Cuba.

Mesa Transsexual Arrested for Exposure
A transsexual Mesa woman was arrested after arguing with his neighbor about who threw an egg in the neighbor's driveway.
Transsexual Charged With Indecent Exposure
A transsexual woman exposed herself to two men and a 13-year-old boy, then threatened them with a BB gun, Mesa police said.

[AZ, USA] [Letters to the Editor]
Citizens must protect their rights
Excerpt: The homosexual lobby is behind the ongoing national effort to pass "hate speech" laws that will deprive you of your right to express your opinion. The vast majority of people know that homosexuality is a perversion, but the perverts – including the transgender and transsexual (whatever that is) – are trying to set themselves up as a special protected class that is free from all of that annoying criticism.