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terça-feira, novembro 13, 2007

[Portugal] Colóquio sobre 'Transsexualidade em Portugal'
Conferência Internacional de Encerramento do Ano Europeu da Igualdade de oportunidades Para Todos
Dia 18 de Novembro, domingo no Centro Cultural de belém ás 11:30

Prof. Rui Xavier Vieira (psiquiatra- Hosp. Sta Maria)
Dr. Lourenço Gomes (sexólogo-Hosp. Sta Maria)
Lizethe Echeverry (FELGT-Espanha)
Antonio Serzedelo (fundador da Opus Gay)
Eva Russo (Núcleo Tr@ns da Opus Gay)

Participe. Igualdade para Tod@s !
Para Mais Informação Contacte:
213151396 - Opus Gay
962400017 - Antonio Serzedelo
eva@opusgay. org
anser1@clix. pt

Conferência Internacional de Encerramento do Ano Europeu da Igualdade de Oportunidades Para Todos
Organização: Opus Gay - EMAEIOT - CIG
(Com um panorama de oradores deste calibre, dois psiquiatras que advogam que 'tem que se dificultar ao máximo. Quem é trans aguenta, quem não é desiste', uma oradora espanhola que nos vai dizer como seria bom se fôssemos espanhóis, uma transexual que vamos a ver como se porta, e um fóbico que apesar de ter sido um pilar na luta LGB, tem tido opiniões transfóbicas, o que se poderá esperar deste "colóquio" onde as vozes das pessoas transexuais continuam a não ter expressão? Quer dizer, como pensam no Hospital de Santa Maria já toda a gente sabe. E vão logo dois. E do Júlio de Matos? E onde estáo as vozes transex a denunciarem casos e factos de discriminação? Parece que a transexualidade é um caso tão psiquiátrico que quem verdadeiramente sabe o que é sê-lo não tem expressão.)

Transgender group plans remembrance
A DAY of remembrance in the Capital will pay tribute to transgender people around the world who have lost their lives through violence or oppression.

[South Korea]
Male-Turned-Female Actress Appears in ‘Sex Is Zero’ Sequel
An actress, who will feature in a Korean film scheduled to open next month, has drawn media attention because she has changed her gender.
Lee Sea-youn, 28, who previously went under the name of Lee Dae-hak, will appear in the sequel to "Sex Is Zero'' to be released nationwide on Dec. 13. Reportedly, Lee underwent a sex change operation earlier this year. The actress is still legally registered as a male.

[Thailand] [News/Video]
Thai student crowned queen of the transsexuals
At a ceremony full of feathers, frills and false eyelashes, a 21-year-old Thai was crowned queen of the transsexuals at a weekend beauty contest that bills itself as the world's largest.

Nose Ring As Thorn
He was unhappy with his body. Now, more comfy in her skin, Rose awaits her TV talk show.

Town's gender lines blurred
A small town where not everything is what it appears, Juchitan is rich in tradition from the fresh cheese made by local women to the hand-embroidered blouses known as 'huipiles.'
But there is another tradition at work; one that may not be evident at first glance. They're known as 'muxes' in the native Zapotec indian language: men who assume the role of women.

Armed man wanted in trans shooting
Baltimore police are looking for a man described as "armed and dangerous" who allegedly shot and robbed a transgender woman in Baltimore on Oct. 7 after picking her up on a street in Northwest Washington where transgender sex workers congregate.

Exploring sexuality
Kaden Trifilio is a freshman. At the beginning of the year, he said he was "full of self-doubt." But this doubt, he said, was not because of classes.
It was because he, once a female, was considering becoming a male.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Honor every veteran
The Frontlines <http://freedomtoser ve.blogspot. com/>, the blog for the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network, has been doing a series on the gay community who have served our country in the military titled 'Honor EveryVeteran <http://freedomtoser ve.blogspot. com/search/ label/honor% 20every%20vetera n>.
'Today's spotlight is on a transgender person who had this to say about 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell':
[Blog/Commentary] On This Veteran’s Day (Celebrated) - Still Honoring Every Veteran
*As part of the Servicemembers Legal Defense Networks' (SLDN's) Veteran's Day focus, their blog has been featuring essays of LGBT veterans. I was honored to be asked to write an essay for the SLDN's blog Frontlines <>.
My essay posted today. Below is the post, crossposted from Frontlines <>

Controversy Surrounds Gender Identity Bill
The Montgomery County Council is deceiving its citizens about supposed changes to its Gender Identity Bill, according to a spokeswoman for a grassroots organization opposing the bill.

Norfolk event raises transgender awareness
The 2007 Transgender Day of Remembrance will take place at 7 p.m. Nov. 20 at Church of the Ascension Episcopal, 405 Talbot Hall Road, Norfolk.

Transgender Awareness Week at the UW
Starting tonight with the "Transgender Monologues," a series of events aimed at promoting awareness and education about transgender issues will take over the UW campus. Transgender Awareness Week, put on by the UW LGBT Campus Center and a number of student and community organizations, comes at a time when transgender rights have recently been in the national spotlight.

An imperfect bill is better than none

[Blog/Commentary] Jorge Mursuli on ENDA: "A cause for celebration"
[Commentary] House bans anti-gay job bias, proving 'beauty is in mix'
[Commentary] An act of tolerance
Baldwin touts non-discrimination act
[Commentary] Non-Discrimination bill is too little too late