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segunda-feira, novembro 26, 2007

Prémios Média
A Rede Ex Aequo promove no próximo dia 1 de Dezembro a terceira edição dos seus Prémios Média, no Auditório da Delegação Regional de Lisboa do IPJ, no Parque das Nações, em Lisboa, a partir das 16h00.


L’armée doit verser 44 000 $ à Micheline Montreuil
Micheline Montreuil est un homme, un transgenre, c'est-à-dire une personne qui a choisi de vivre la totalité du temps dans les vêtements de l'autre sexe, sans pour autant changer de sexe.

[Australia] [Press Release]
Policy on equality for lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transgendered
We live in a society which attempts to dictate sexual preference and gender identity through promoting the gender stereotypes and homophobic attitudes which underpin the heterosexual nuclear family, and by promoting marriage and the nuclear family as the only legitimate model for relationships. Lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transgendered people suffer oppression because their lives are a challenge to the nuclear family which is an economic cornerstone of capitalism.

[ND, USA] [Commentary]
Must we respect stupid readers?
Excerpt: An irate caller spits bile over our story about a transgender observance. "You people are a bunch of perverts, just like the people you're trying to make heroes – those transgerderites or whatever they call themselves."

Rally for tolerance set for Monday
Two recent instances of alleged anti-gay violence in Missoula have given three dozen local organizations incentive to hold a community rally aimed at promoting tolerance and awareness.

AZ Dems would widen gender-bias job safeguards
Arizona lawmakers are condoning injustice by failing to join other states that have banned workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity or expression, a Democratic representative says.

Transgender student elected king
For Andrew Gomez, the month of November was one of firsts.
First, he broke the news to his mother that he was transitioning from a female to a male. Then the 24-year-old transgender student was elected Homecoming King at Pasadena City College.

A Cover Girl Who’s Simply Himself
WHAT follows is, in brief (well, not so brief), the curious tale of how a handsome black man who can also look an awful lot like a beautiful black woman, except with better legs than most and a beard, happened to end up on the November cover of French Vogue.