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quarta-feira, dezembro 05, 2007

German court rules transsexual can be excluded from police
The German state of Hesse was justified in excluding a transsexual from its police force, a court in Frankfurt ruled Tuesday on the basis of evidence from a police doctor.

Malta Gay Rights Movement to host 2009 ILGA-Europe Conference
The European International Lesbian and Gay Association Annual Conference will be held in Malta in 2009 following a presentation at this year's conference held in October in the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius.

Nepal Gays Threaten Gov't With Increasing Protests
Nepal's largest LGBT civil rights organization is warning the government that if it does not stop harassing and arresting gays and transsexuals it will mount protest marches across the country.

Female Eye to Remember Montréal Massacre
Excerpt: Cruel and Unusual from Dan Hunt and Janet Baus, looks at apre-op transgender woman who must survive amongst the male population within correctional facilities.

[USA] [PR/Health/Medicine]
Surgeon Urges Colleagues to Reconsider Their Views About a Medical Procedure for Transsexual Patients
A prominent gynecologic cancer surgeon is urging her fellow physicians to reconsider their views about a medical procedure for transsexual patients making the transition from female to male. Dr. Kate O'Hanlan, MD, a surgeon in private practice in Portola Valley, California, provided evidence that total laparoscopic hysterectomy can be the best approach for many of these patients.

Judge finds no gender fraud in Riverdale election
A Spalding County Superior Court judge threw out a petition to halt the runoff after nearly four hours of testimony Monday.
Judge dismisses Riverdale election, gender fraud suit
A judge today dismissed a lawsuit filed in Clayton County Superior Court that attempted to delay the Dec. 4 Riverdale city runoff, as well as void the Nov. 6 city election. The plaintiffs claimed the election was marred by fraud by city officials and transgender Riverdale City Councilmember Michelle Bruce, whom they allege deceived voters by identifying as female on the ballot.
Suit Vs. Transgender Ga. Pol Thrown Out
A judge dismissed lawsuit Monday that had claimed a transgender city councilwoman tried to fool voters by running as a female, and the candidate was set to seek re-election Tuesday.

We're ordinary, too
"I can't see how gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender can be used in the same sentence as 'ordinary citizens.'" This is a quote from Stan Smith's letter to the editor (Nov. 16, "It's hardly about ordinary citizens"). I can see how the reactive mind could write a sentence like that. After all, human beings often form opinions of people they don't know based on stereotypes and assumptions.

Congress Returns With 3 Gay Bills On Life-Support