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terça-feira, dezembro 11, 2007

First Person: Peter Jackson
Excerpt: I now have an assistant working full-time on archiving the magazines. She's the first transgendered academic in Thailand and it hasn't been easy for her to get a job. I really hope she can get a teaching job in Thailand.

[New Zealand]
Intersex man's illegal marriage to NZ woman
A New Zealand woman who married an intersex American man has had her marriage licence quashed and been refused permission to stay in the United States.

Transgender complaint over election material
Tasmania's Anti-Discrimination Commissioner will investigate a complaint lodged by a transgender woman about material distributed during last month's federal election campaign.
Bias commission to study hatred claim
THE Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Commissioner will investigate a complaint that a Liberal Party federal election pamphlet incited hatred on the grounds of sexual orientation.

“It is hard to survive when you are gay in Jamaica"
Excerpt: "In April 2007, a cross-dresser, was beaten up in broad daylight by a mob at a bus stop in Falmouth, a town in Western Jamaica. Janice tells of a similar story."

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
You're No Friend, Barney
'No person is your friend who demands your silence or denies your right to grow.'
That Alice Walker quote is at the heart of this post. I was stunned to learn from a friend of mine that somebody e-mailed him my little Christmas rewrite of Dr. Seuss. The Grinch that Stole Civil Rights for transpeople is allegedly not happy about it, and supposedly retorted that I was insulting the best friend we had in Congress.

[MI,USA] [Commentary]
Transgender issues unfairly downplayed
There has been much talk of late about issues affecting the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community. Events like Congress's signing of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act - which bans workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation - and the Transgender Day of Remembrance - which reflects on the lives lost in the transgender community - are making people aware of GLBT problems. Both of these events occurred recently, but did students know about them?

[NY,USA] [Editorial]
Caving In on Hate Crimes
Congressional leaders, who have disappointed frequently this year, have done it again. This time, the House leadership has failed to find a way to get a bipartisan law against hate crimes passed and signed into law. Racial, religious, sexual and other minorities have waited long enough. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has to do more than just express her support for the bill; she must find a way to make it the law.

[USA] [Blog Commentary]
Intersex groups and the intolerance towards the difference of views.
The one thing that gets me with intersex groups is that if you are against transgender, you are shunned, outcasted and judgmental. The problem I am finding with intersex groups is that you have to tolerant towards the transgender, which to me I am not the most tolerant person because of my views on the transgender community. The way I see it, if your not tolerant towards the transgender, most people in the intersex groups would shun you or outcast you because of your intolerance towards their transgender friends. See, I see it as those in the intersex groups as being intolerant of those views are different from those who have a common view.

[USA] [Blog/Film]
Gwen Araujo documentary
Excerpt: The oddest fact is that Gwen Araujo was an actual male who lived as a female, but was brutally killed in 2002.


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