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segunda-feira, dezembro 24, 2007

[South Africa]
Zulu boy returns as drag-queen diva
Sfiso was a starry- eyed Zulu boy from a humble township home when he left for London seven years ago.
This week he returned to South Africa as a glamorous drag queen — adorned in lipstick and long lashes.

[Nepal] [Commentary]
Third Sex: Illusion or Reality?
Masculine characteristics are referred to as aggressive, more logical, made for policy level decisions and heading the families among others whereas feminine characteristics implicate more emotional, loving, depending and caring nature, which leads to assisting people and devoting their lives to others.

Transvestites crave for their place in society
Transvestite (Nupi Manbi Nupa) population in Manipur who are also considered high risk behaviour group of HIV/AID infection/affection have appealed to Manipur AIDS Control Society (MACS) and National AIDS Control Society (NACO) for paying special attention to their problems at the time of formulation policies and programmes related to HIV/AIDS issues.

[USA] [Commentary]
David Carlin: Bathrooms for the transgendered
Excerpt: They have improved the bathroom lot of a small (and mentally ill) fraction of the student population, and they have inflicted embarrassment and discomfort on everybody else. Well, not quite everybody else. The politically correct administrators who run many of our colleges will feel a glow of moral superiority every time they relieve themselves in a gender-neutral rest-room.

[CO,USA] [PR/Commentary]
Gays, families face difficult holiday times
It is no secret that the holidays put a lot of stress on the family, and that these are not always times of peace and joy in every household. Whether because of serious illness or recent death in the family, or perhaps because of substance abuse or marital strife or other dysfunctionality, many or maybe most families at Christmas don't bear much resemblance to a made-for-TV movie.


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