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segunda-feira, dezembro 31, 2007

Priest sued over seminar 'curing' homosexuality
A Spanish clergyman is to be investigated after complaints that he is holding seminars which aim to "rehabilitate homosexuals" . Protestant minister Marcos Zapata, head of an organisation running youth centres for troubled children in Galicia, prompted the row after reports surfaced of a recent seminar he led entitled "How to Raise Heterosexual Children".
Spanish cleric to face government investigation for gay cure speech
Two Spanish clerics, one Protestant, the other Catholic are under fire by gay rights organisations for homophobic views.

TETU: A Huge Disappointment - Commentary by Curtis Hinkle and P. Derelle, members of OII, Organisation Intersex International
As an intersexed person with the same intersex variation as the character in the film XXY, I am shocked at the continuous misinformation coming from TÊTU (a large gay French magazine). This is not the first time that TÊTU has insisted on marginalising and invisibilising intersex people.

Watchdog bans 'Huysuz Virjin,' people react
Allegations that a decision by the Supreme Board of Radio and Television to ban the popular showman Seyfi Dursunoglu from appearing on screen in women's clothes evokes intense reactions in society and the media.

Transexual asesinada en Chile por neonazis
Ya suman tres los asesinatos de transexuales sólo durante el 2007 • El Movilh llamó a aprobar la ley contra la discriminación en breve y acusó a las autoridades de insensibilidad frente a los atropellos padecidos por la población transexual.

OHCHR Hails SC Ruling on Rights of Sexual Minorities
The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Nepal (OHCHR-Nepal) has welcomed the recent Supreme Court ruling to the government to guarantee equal rights to sexual minorities including transsexuals.
Gays y transexuales celebran veredicto a favor de reconocimiento de derechos
Gays y transexuales de Nepal celebraron hoy la victoria lograda ante el Tribunal Supremo de este país, que avaló en un veredicto sus derechos y exigió al Gobierno que enmiende las leyes vigentes a fin de garantizárselos.

Divisive ENDA fight dominated year in national gay news
Passage of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) has long been at the top of gay activists' wish lists. The bill has been around in one form or another since the 1970s and after the Democrats took control of Congress in 2006, many were optimistic it would finally pass.

[USA] [News/Commentary]
Not much good to top the list of the top LGBT stories of 2007
From the ENDA debacle to Larry Craig's bathroom toe-tapping, the news from the past year did not shine a complimentary light on us.

National Year in Review
The gay news story of the year was the fight over the Employment Non-Discrimination Act and the removal of protections based on gender identity. But that wasn't the only story making headlines. Below is a roundup of the rest of the year's top stories.

A Medical Transition
I was recently alerted to a news release that reminded me that, inspite of all the pain and struggle, all the fighting over ENDA and other bills, and all the times it feels like there is no forward motion no transgender issues, there really are some changes going on.

[FL, USA] [Commentary]
Putting the T back in GLBT
We hear it all the time: “The LGBT Community.” We call our selves the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community, but too often we don’t include all the members of our community when we fight for rights or equality.

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