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terça-feira, janeiro 08, 2008

[New Zealand] [Film]
Georgie's story set for silver screen
Hollywood might be calling, but Georgina Beyer's tale is no longer for sale.
The world's first transexual MP got a call in 2005 from Australian-based producers Sally and Roger Simpson, wanting to put Beyer's story on to the big screen, to which she agreed.
Photo: GEORGIE GIRL: Georgina Beyer's life, from a boy who was a bit different to the world's first transexual MP, is to be dramatised in a trans-tasman co-production. DAVID LAWRENCE/Sunday News

Vet alleges sex-change bias
CNN's Gary Nurenberg reports on transgender Army veteran Diane Schroer and her discrimination suit against the Library of Congress.

Gays, transgenders fight for legal protections in Utah
Ariana Losco says she's just another suburban wife.
The Tooele woman drives a minivan, loves spending time with her family and shops at the local Wal-Mart. Her lifestyle, she says, is the epitome of ordinary.
But not everyone sees it that way. That's because Losco was a man until 1994.

Transgender student, SUU face dilemma
Kourt Osborn, a sophomore sociology major from Kanab who has been living as a male, does not qualify to live in male on-campus housing because of failure to provide medical information defining him as a transgender person as well as his neglect to turn in the required application fee.

[USA] [Science/Commentary]
Overcoming gender
Your gender is a constraint. This is an inalienable truism, regardless of whether you're a man or a woman.