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quinta-feira, janeiro 10, 2008

Woman Says Workplace Gossip Ruined Her Life
Excerpt: To protect her identity, you will know her as Emily. But to tell the truth about her, you must know, she is really a female trapped in a man's body.

Regna Gazelle; More Than a Woman
Almira Enos had used meth since she was 13 years old. To get drugs, she would often prostitute herself. She was born a man, but always knew she was supposed to be a woman. Her own mother told her so. Her confused gender state fueled the chronic drug use. She often felt lost and suicidal. Enter Regina Gazelle, Echo's Woman of the Year

[RI, USA] [Letters to the editor]
Dana Beyer: Anatomy is complex
As the mother of a recent Brown graduate and a Democratic politician in Montgomery County, Md., who just happens to be transgendered, I am appalled that David Carlin would spread such hate and misinformation ("Those bathrooms for the transgendered, " Commentary, Dec. 22 <http://tinyurl. com/3xh59y> ).