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quarta-feira, janeiro 09, 2008

Woman Alleges Discrimination After College Job Rejection
Sex-swap woman Sandra Leslie is taking a further education college to an employment tribunal claiming she was passed over for a job because she is a transsexual.

Liberty, Equality, Diversity
The 16th Annual Gay Pride Parade was held recently in Buenos Aires with the slogan "Liberty, equality and diversity". Thousands marched along Aveida De Mayo from the president's palace to the Congreso.

Katoey - An explanation
Excerpt: There are several misconceptions about the presence of the ladyboy in Thailand.

Nine questions you can NEVER ask in a job interview
Excerpt: Many employers would be aware that the law in most state and Federal jurisdictions prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. Many of these laws also contain specific reference to persons with transsexual or transgender characteristics.
In New South Wales, an employment agency was found to have discriminated against a woman, who 10 years earlier had been on the agency's books as a man. They refused to recommend the woman for a position for which she was qualified on the basis that their client "wanted a woman - a vanilla woman".

[USA] [News/Television]
MTV's second shot at bisexuality
Excerpt: And in February on MTV's Logo channel, which caters to the gay community, a show centering on the love life of transsexual activist and actress Calpernia Addams premieres.

Hate crimes dropped from military legislation
Congress will not vote to expand hate crimes protections to homosexuals and transgendered individuals as part of a military authorization bill for next year, it was announced Dec. 6.

Insurer Judges a Church's Stance as Too Risky
• What Happened: A major insurer of churches in the U.S. denied coverage to a Michigan congregation because of its denomination's support for gay marriage.
• The Explanation: Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Co. cited potential for violence and litigation against the church.
• Can They Do That? Insurers generally can decide who or what not to insure, if they don't violate antidiscrimination laws or other specific prohibitions.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Desperately Seeking Susan
There's been a rather loud and angry din that been dogging the instantaneous prominence and similarly instantaneous departure of Susan Stanton from the Transgender Community. Some of this had been going on for the past month as trans folk were upset with Rep. Barney Frank's attempts at creating an ad-hoc group (maybe a replacement for an NCTE?) from a "short list" of transgenders who were less "critical" toward the recent ENDA maneuvers than even NCTE.

TransNation: The Trans Year to Come
With presidential elections looming, 2008 promises to be a politically contentious year. At least this summer's Olympic Games promise to distract us from American politics, and there's some hope — via transcyclist Kirsten Worley ( nominated as one of the most influential women in Canadian sports in 2007 ) — of having an openly trans contender. To get through the rest of the year, there's plenty of trans-themed material coming your way in 2008.