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segunda-feira, janeiro 14, 2008

Stanton’s betrayal
Our 'Uncle Toms' are 'Aunt Trannies' and Susan is their ringleader.

Transgendered Youth: School children face unique difficulties
For a highschooler who was born female but felt, dressed and acted like a boy, it didn't feel right to use a girl's bathroom.

Equal Access for All
Excerpt: Transgender patients face the greatest barrier to care with some healthcare providers refusing to treat them. According to the HEI report, some providers are insensitive to their physical and mental health needs and as a result, transgender patients will neglect healthcare all together.

Moving in the right direction
What a time to get writer’s block! After weeks of struggling to decide whether I should expose my very weaknesses for the world to read, to pour out the contents of my life transgender before a new audience, this decision does not come effortlessly. In fact, I wasn’t even able to train my mind’s eye on this.