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domingo, janeiro 20, 2008

Wyandotte denies parking appeal for club for cross-dressing and transgendered men.

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I'M LOOKING THROUGH YOU by Jennifer Finney Boylan
A quick glance of Jennifer Finney Boylan's latest memoir, I'M LOOKING THROUGH YOU, would give the impression that the book focuses on growing up in a haunted house. But a closer look reveals, as the subtitle states, that it is about "growing up haunted." This is an important distinction.

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Susan Stanton in the Whirlwind of Separatist Controversy
Susan Stanton, the transitioning transsexual woman who first became the subject of the news media when she was fired from her job as City Manager by government officials in Largo, Florida, was quoted in an article I found on Google, in The Ledger (a newspaper published in Polk County, Florida) on January 4, 2008 in an article - you can find it at:

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Not Ready for Prime Time or How the TG rights movement went insane by talking only to themselves
Let me begin by placing myself on the identity politics scale so you understand the perspective I write from. First I am a woman followed by a feminist then one born intersexed and lastly a surgically constructed (at birth) transsexual.