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segunda-feira, janeiro 21, 2008

Turkey's Transexuals Fight Hard For The Country's LGBT
In mostly Muslim Turkey, 3 out of 4 find homosexuality to be "distrubring" . The rampant and widespread homophobia is often accompanied by violence, and is exactly what a group of transgendered women are hoping to change. Together, a small-but-effective group has put on a controversial and empowering theatrical production to spotlight the human rights issues transgendered Turks face. Their play, "Pink and Grey", has been well-received by boisterous crowds, thrusting the two main actresses of the show, Derya Tunc and Sera Can, into the strengthening LGBT rights movement in Turkey.
Turkey: transsexuals take to the stage to defend their rights
A unique play in an Ankara theatre ended with a standing ovation this week as the little-known actors -- transsexuals and gays raising their voice against discrimination -- fought back their tears on stage.

Islam bans cross-dress behaviour: Al-Shimmari
Member of the Islamic Constitutional Movement and MP Duaij Al-Shimmari in reply to a proposal by the human rights organization to do away with the law which forbids men behaving as women and vice-versa quoting the Holy Quran said, 'Non-believers have their religion and we have ours', reports Al-Rai daily.
‘Cross-dressing alien to Kuwaiti society’
A leading Islamist member of parliament hit back on Sunday at human rights group criticism of a crackdown by Kuwaiti authorities on men who dress as women in public.

[New Zealand]
The Transgender Inquiry: New Zealand reacts
The Human Rights Commission's groundbreaking and world-first Transgender Inquiry report, which makes several recommendations to Government which would improve the safety and wellbeing of trans New Zealanders, has received much attention since its release on Friday -but not all of it positive.

What’s Happening Now
A transgender woman in San Francisco is suing a Catholic hospital for refusing to allow her plastic surgeon to perform breast enlargement surgery there, according to a report from the Oakland Tribune.