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domingo, fevereiro 03, 2008

El Consell asumirá el coste de los tratamientos de cambio de sexo
La sanidad pública valenciana ha decidido incluir en sus servicios la atención médica, psicológica y quirúrgica los tratamientos de reasignación de sexo, una medida largamente reclamada por el colectivo de transexuales e instada incluso desde la Sindicatura de Greuges.
«Hay transexuales que arriesgan su vida al ponerse hormonas por su cuenta»
La noticia de la inclusión de los tratamientos de cambio de sexo en la sanidad pública valenciana ha sido acogida con entusiasmo por los transexuales de la Comunitat.

Para marzo se presentará la ley de reasignación sexual ante el pleno de la ALDF
Hoy se llevó a cabo la presentación de la Iniciativa de Ley que busca la reasignación de género, la cual modifica los artículos de la Ley de Salud, del Código Penal, Civil, y de Procedimientos Civiles para el Distrito Federal y así reconocer la personalidad jurídica de las personas transgenéricos y transexuales.
Diputados mexicanos presentarán ley sobre cambio de sexo y nombre
Diputados de la capital mexicana presentarán ante la Asamblea Legislativa una ley para consagrar el derecho a cambiar de sexo y de nombre, a fin de contar con certeza jurídica, informó este jueves el legislativo local.

Transgender and Tamil cinema
Tamil cinema is notorious for its insensitive depiction of transgender persons. Though the organizations of transgender persons have condemned the filmmakers for insulting them in every possible manner, no one seems to be showing respect to their sentiments.

New York's Transsexual Star Alannah Starr challenges gender boundaries
Allanah Starr is a pre-operative male-to-female transsexual, which means she looks like a woman from head to toe except for one very prominent thing. Like many other transsexuals, she works as an escort, and she also has a burgeoning adult-film career (Shemale Strokers #3 was her most recent) and a website,, that gets more than 3,000 hits a day.

Prosecution: Cover-up attempted
Brenda Schmalfeldt spent the last day of her life drinking with Raven Navajo at their favorite watering hole, Zodies Bar, before going to Navajo's apartment to watch movies.
Navajo Trial Wraps Up
On Monday, a jury will have to decide the fate of a transgendered women accused of beating a Las Vegas cocktail waitress to death and throwing the body into a dumpster. Both sides wrapped up their cases Friday in the Raven Navajo trial.

Transgender odyssey
When Julie Nemecek first told the president of Spring Arbor University that she was transgender and would be assuming her female persona, the president, Nemecek said, was supportive. But in the weeks that followed, the associate professor was subjected to a series of rules that became more and more restrictive.

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Hillary on Transgender Inclusion in ENDA
Excerpt: It is therefore difficult for me to come to any other conclusion than that Hillary Clinton was deliberately attempting to evade the question about transgender inclusion in ENDA. After all, had the senator wanted to indicate her support for inclusion of gender identity and expression in that legislation, there could have been no better occasion.

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The 1965 Dewey's Lunch Counter Sit-In's
When I first read about this event in Marc Stein's book, City of Sisterly and Brotherly Loves: Lesbian and Gay Philadelphia, 1945-1972 I shared it with my TransGriot readers. It's the first documented instance of people protesting over anti-transgender discrimination.

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Montel - US Transgender History
Montel does a great recap of the struggle for legal and social acceptance of the transgendered.