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quarta-feira, janeiro 30, 2008

MK Zeev: Gay 'plague' could destroy Israel
Excerpt: Zeev went as far as comparing the gay movement to a "plague that may destroy Jewish Israel", adding that this "plague" should be dealt with "just as the Health Ministry is dealing with bird flu."

Religious MKs seek end to all J'lem gay parades
Religious Knesset Members attempted to put an end to all gay pride parades in Jerusalem, submitting a series of bills on Tuesday that would amend the Basic Law of the city.

Transgendered woman finds supportive community
For the first 58 years of her life, successful insurance executive, parent and community activist Ronnie Whitman lived life as a man.
Two years ago after a lifetime of what she called personal turmoil and reflection, he became a she. Whitman, of Conroe, went through the complicated medical, emotional and personal steps necessary to achieve her new lifestyle.

Transgender debate draws crowd
City Hall was buzzing Monday night with both protest and support for a proposed city ordinance that would include gender identity as a class of people protected from discrimination in housing, employment and public accommodation.
City commission votes to make gender identity discrimination illegal
The City Commission listened to more than 100 citizens comment on a policy to make discriminating based on gender identity illegal, as 98 cities and counties nationwide have already done.

Transgender candidate runs for Republican endorsement in Brainerd
You could call Chrissy Nakonsky a candidate of change.
Until about five years ago, Nakonsky, who recently announced she's running for the Minnesota Legislature and will seek the Republican endorsement in her Brainerd-area district, was known as Jeff Nakonsky.
Photo: Larry Oakes, Star Tribune
“If people vote for or against me, it should be because of my values,” Chrissy Nakonsky said.
Transsexual Seeks GOP Nomination For Minnesota Legislature
Chrissy Nakonsky is hoping to become the first transsexual elected to a state legislature.