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domingo, janeiro 27, 2008

Cuando uno se encuentra a miles de kilómetros de su tierra, una tarjeta de teléfono puede ser un tesoro. Dayanara N. M. M, transexual ecuatoriana de 37 años de edad, era consciente de esa necesidad y, por ello, ideó una tarjeta telefónica de las que se utilizan habitualmente en los teléfonos públicos y la alquiló en repetidas ocasiones a sus compatriotas.

A TRANSSEXUAL trucker allegedly hounded out of her job when she started dressing as a woman was treated no less favourably than other staff, an employment tribunal heard.

Seven gay and three transgendered Iraqis have disappeared in the past month and a half and are presumed to be the latest victims of the lethal campaign of sexual cleansing by anti-gay Shiite death squads, according to the London-based group Iraqi LGBT.

Authorities should immediately release more than a dozen persons jailed under Kuwait's new dress-code law, Human Rights Watch said last week.

Members of the transgender community on Thursday expressed their gratitude over the government's move to start a separate welfare board for them, at the valedictory of the week-long celebration of 'Aravanigal Dhinam.'

In the early hours of Saturday Morning, Police Captain Witayar from Pattaya Police Station arrested two transsexuals suspected of stealing a mobile phone belonging to a French Tourist. (Photo)

Someone attacked a 45-year-old man who was dressed as a woman, beating his head with a brick and leaving him in critical condition.

Excerpt 1: Trevor Thomas, a spokesman for HRC, responded to Bay Windows's request to comment on Keisling's allegations, saying,"While a small number of critics continue to spread misinformation surrounding ENDA, the Human Rights Campaign is working with its allies in Congress to educate members and pave the way for a fully inclusive bill that protects the entire GLBT community."
Excerpt 2: Thomas confirmed that HRC notified members of Congress on Nov. 6 that they would receive a positive score on HRC's scorecard for voting yes on the sexual orientation-only ENDA bill and a negative score for voting against it.

Excerpt: In less sympathetic times, "trannies" were thought of as just "gays-to-the- extreme," a fetish gone out of control.

Excerpt: Beck, who was born intersexed and lived most of his life as a woman, was 41 when he died of vaginal cancer. He is survived by his family, including his wife, 7-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son.

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In a stunning decision, Federal District Court Judge Michael W. Mossman issued a temporary restraining order postponing Oregon's domestic partnership law from going into effect. It's been a tough year for human rights and equality if you happen to be gay, lesbian, bisexual or, particularly, trans. I witnessed Joe Solmonese lie about the Human Rights Campaign's commitment to a trans-inclusive Employment Non-Discrimination Act before an audience of 1,000 trans human beings.

Diego Sanchez is "truly humbled" as he becomes the first transgendered person to grace the Democratic National Platform Committee.

Las Vegas transgender legend Jahna Steele has died, according to her close friends.

A transgender female, wanting to legally change her name from Donald to Daunn, is going to the Illinois Supreme Court in her effort to get a waiver of court fees based on her low income.

A controversial ordinance dealing with transgendered people and their right to use the bathroom of their choosing will come before Gainesville' s City Commission on Monday.

Tran feminism is a form of feminism that includes transgender and transsexual rights and issues, especially those of transwomen. Trans feminism has also been described as a social force working for the rights and goals of transsexual and transgender individuals.