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segunda-feira, fevereiro 18, 2008

A realidade da discriminação dos e das transexuais e transgéneros em Portugal.
O Grupo Parlamentar do Bloco de Esquerda vai promover uma Audição Parlamentar no dia 22 de Fevereiro de 2008, pelas 17,30 horas, sobre a realidade da discriminação dos e das transexuais e transgéneros em Portugal.

Anulada en Alicante la orden de expulsión que había contra un transexual argelino
La subdelegada del Gobierno en Alicante, Encarna Llinares, ha anunciado que ha "anulado" la orden de expulsión del transexual argelino, que estaba internado en el centro de Valencia, tras "ver los argumentos" expuestos por el abogado del joven transexual.
Algerian transsexual returns to his Alicante home after government revokes deportation order
The Algerian transsexual who was due to be deported as an illegal immigrant by order of an Alicante court has now been released from the Valencia internment centre where he was being held. Europa Press said the deportation order was revoked by central government offices in Alicante, and M.B. has returned to the home he shares with his partner in Alicante following his release last Thursday night.

Los transexuales operados apenas sienten el síndrome del miembro fantasma
Una encuesta llevada a cabo por científicos de la Universidad de California en San Diego ha revelado que el 60% de los hombres que han sufrido la extirpación del pene por enfermedad sufren el síndrome del miembro fantasma, frente a sólo el 30% de los transexuales sometidos a un proceso de reasignación de género. La posible explicación de estas reacciones tan diferentes podría estar en el cerebro, según los investigadores: consideran que la identidad de género que se forma en el cerebro del feto no siempre se corresponde con los caracteres sexuales del individuo, por lo que, si esta hipótesis resultara correcta, supondría que la transexualidad no es una “anormalidad”, sino una característica más de la evolución del cerebro humano.

Los 'Teddy' premian drama islandés sobre transexual y corto brasileño
El Festival de Cine de Berlín entregó esta noche los galardones 'Teddy' a los mejores filmes de temática gay de su 58 edición en una gala en la que se premió a 'The Amazing Truth About Queen Raquela' del islandés Olaf de Fleur Johannesson y al corto 'Ta' del debutante brasileño Felipe Sholl.

Gender torment of 10-year-old Cameron
A BOY of 10 has been found hanged at his South Yorkshire home after telling his mum he wanted to be a girl.
Gender torment of 10-year-old Cameron (Sympathy from support group)
A SUPPORT group for children with gender issues today extended their "heartfelt sympathy" to Cameron's family.
Conmociona muerte de niña transexual
Un niño inglés de 10 años se ahorcó pocos días después de decirle a su madre que quería ser una niña.

Irish judge sets resolution deadline in landmark trans case
The High Court in Dublin declared yesterday that birth registration laws in Ireland are in breach of the European Convention on Human Rights.
Birth registration laws facing repeal after transgender ruling
THE Government may be forced to repeal parts of Ireland's birth registration laws following a landmark legal challenge by a dentist who underwent a sex change to become a woman.

[Pakistan] [Entertainment/Television]
Transvestite TV Anchor Pakistan's Surpise Hit
When Ali Saleem looks in the mirror, he doesn't see a 29-year-old with a hangover, stubble covering his cheeks, coffee pressed to his lips and a small gut peaking out of his T-shirt.
He sees Begum Nawazish Ali, a sassy, salty and sultry woman dressed in a sari who has perfect posture and endless elegance.

First transsexual celebrity, Rose, makes a TV debut
When it is broadcast to an audience of up to 64 million people in the southern state of Tamil Nadu later this month, "Ippadikku Rose" (Yours, Rose) is expected to cause a sensation.

Medical Council drafting regulations for sex change surgeons
The Medical Council of Thailand has established a sub-committee to draft regulations for practitioners of sexual reassignment surgery, Council president Somsak Lolekha said Saturday.

Detroit police accused of mishandling 'transgender' murder case ID
The murder of a transgender woman discovered last week has been mishandled by the Detroit Police Department, said Mara Keisling, executive director of the National Center for Trangender Equality.

Oxnard school shooting called a hate crime
Ventura County prosecutors charged a 14-year-old boy with the shooting death of a classmate Thursday and said the killing in an Oxnard classroom was a premeditated hate crime.
[Press Release] GSA Network, Transgender Law Center, and EQCA Saddened Over Shooting of Gay Jr. High Stude
Gay-Straight Alliance Network (GSA Network), the Transgender Law Center (TLC), and Equality California (EQCA) are deeply saddened by the shooting of Lawrence King, a gay junior high school student in Oxnard, CA. The 15-year-old victim was shot at E. O. Green Junior High School on Tuesday morning and pronounced brain dead yesterday around 2 pm.
14-year-old faces murder charge
Three weeks after his 14th birthday, the teen suspect in a deadly classroom shooting made his first court appearance Thursday as officials announced he has been charged with first-degree murder and committing a hate crime.
Victim's family members say they will donate teen's organs
The family of an eighth-grader shot this week at an Oxnard middle school clarified details about his death and remembered him Thursday as a talented, caring young man.
Vigil for Teen Victim in School Shooting
A candlelight vigil was held Friday night in memory of Lawrence King, victim of Tuesday's Oxnard school shooting.
Slain teen remembered as fun, quirky at Rainbow Alliance candlelight vigil
Blue was Larry King's favorite color eye shadow.
Along with his signature black, high-heeled boots and varying shades of lipstick, friends say he wore dramatic makeup and dressed more flamboyantly in the last two weeks before he was shot to death by a classmate at an Oxnard middle school.
Hate Crime Charges Against Teen Who Shot 'Feminine' Boy
A 14-year-old California boy is charged with a hate crime as well as attempted murder for shooting a 15-year-old boy who "sometimes wore makeup, high heels and other feminine attire," as the Associated Press reported.

City manager finalists meet with residents
Iowa City manager finalist Susan A. Stanton said she's already impressed by the people of Iowa City — even the ones who hit the bumper of her parked car.
Susan Stanton finalist for Iowa City job
Susan Stanton is one of five finalists for the job of Iowa City manager. Iowa City has had a gender identity non-discrimination law since 1995, and produced an excellent training video for government workers in the late nineties. The state of Iowa passed a gender identity non-discrimination law last year. The story is here:
http://www.kwwl. com/News/ index.php? ID=21729
Transgender Welcomed as Iowa City City Manager Finalist
Iowa City residents got the chance to meet the five finalists for the new city manager. One finalist's already drawn national attention. Finalist, Susan Stanton, used to be known as Steve Stanton when he worked as the city manager of Largo, Florida. But Stanton was fired when he, became a she with a sex change.

Exposing the Truth About Transexualism: Part 4
Today I would like to discuss different cultural views of transexualism and transgenderism. The following historical and cultural facts are the most widely known accounts of transexual, transgender, third gender, or gender-variant occurrences.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Remembering Our Dead, Echos From Our Fallen Sisters
I was looking at videos for my YouTube post and found this video titled "Twin Boys Living As Girls". It was taped in the early nineties, and is from the Jenny Jones Show. I sat their thinking this was just another trans segment on talk TV.