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sexta-feira, fevereiro 29, 2008

Vicky Star tinha 26 anos. Faria este ano 27. Um malfadado dia desta semana, sentiu-se mal. Dirigiu-se a um hospital, onde lhe foi administrada uma injecção. De nada serviu. A vida que lhe habitava o corpo partiu. Tinha chegado a sua hora.

Conheci-a pessoalmente, mas muito mal. Só tive o prazer de conversar com ela uns poucos instantes duas vezes. Mas sentirei a sua falta, tal como tanta gente que a considerava uma amiga.

É em sua memória que deixo aqui estas poucas linhas. Mas com a convicção de que mais uma estrela existe no céu, para nos ajudar nas noites escuras que tod@s temos que atravessar.

Loures: cadáver encontrado em contentor
O cadáver de um homem vestido de mulher foi encontrado esta quinta-feira num contentor de uma lixeira por um funcionário de uma empresa localizada no concelho de Loures, confirmou o PortugalDiário junto de fonte da Polícia Judiciária.
Segunda avança a Lusa, citando fonte da PJ, o cadáver encontrado seria de um travesti, o que inicialmente levou as autoridades a acreditar que se tratava de uma mulher.
Corpo de travesti encontrado no lixo
A descoberta foi feita esta manhã numa empresa de recolha e tratamento de resíduos.
O corpo foi encontrado durante a descarga de um dos contentores desta empresa de recolha e tratamento de resíduos. No meio do entulho estava o cadáver de um homem, travesti, já com sinais de decomposição.
Em empresa de Loures - Travesti encontrado morto em contentor
Um homem foi encontrado morto, ontem de manhã, num contentor de entulho junto à Estrada Nacional 250, em Loures. O indivíduo estava vestido de mulher: tratava-se de um travesti que frequentava a zona do Conde de Redondo, em Lisboa.

Over 70% have suffered homophobic attacks
More than 70 per cent of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people have experienced hate crime during the past five years.
The statistic was revealed in a study of Brighton and Hove's LGBT community, called Count Me In Too.

Transexual murder accused pleads not guilty
A 17-year-old has pleaded not guilty to the murder of transexual Kellie Telesford.

Transsexual singer investigated for alienating public from army
An Istanbul prosecutor has launched an inquiry into statements made by Turkey's most popular transsexual singer for alienating the public from military service, a crime punishable by six months to two years in prison.
Nationalist Uproar at Singer’s Anti-War Stance
Singer Bülent Ersoy's courageous anti-war utterances on live TV have provoked a nationalist backlash and an investigation.
Pop star could be prosecuted after questioning Turks' militarism
WITH the death toll in Turkey's operations against Kurdish nationalists in Iraq rising daily, one of the country's most famous pop stars was in serious trouble this week after she questioned deeply-engrained Turkish militarism on prime-time television.

[Cuba] [News/Books]
A book dedicated to teenagers and based on their testimonies for Mariela Castro in the 17th International Book Fair
Excerpt: What are you working on right now?
"I'm working on a strategy aimed at offering transsexual people comprehensive assistance and to prevent homophobia in our country."

Centrelink Cuts Payments
A Centrelink decision to reduce a pre-operative transsexual lesbian's pension because she was in a relationship with another woman has been overturned by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

[Australia] [Commentary]
In pursuit of self
The transition from female to male is a long but rewarding process, says S.V. Koumakis.
Ancient Greek myths include several tales of beautiful maidens being transformed by the gods into heroic young men, yet strangely, the Greeks had no legends of men becoming women.

[CA, USA] [Commentary]
School death shows lack of tolerance
A holistic answer is the best way to resond to the violence that stunned parents and school administrators.

Activists to rally 4:30 p.m. Thursday in Fort Lauderdale at site of gay teen's murder
Enough is enough! Join us this Thursday as we take a stand against hate violence.
Fort Lauderdale Gays Concerned by Hate Crimes
In the wake of the fatal shooting of a young transgender man last Friday, an apparently anti-gay beating outside a diner the following day has Fort Lauderdale residents concerned about hate crimes.

MHRC Report Alleges Transgender Discrimination By Camp Kieve
An investigator for the Maine Human Rights Commission has determined that Camp Kieve employees in Nobleboro discriminated against a transgender Pennsylvania man.

[NV, USA] [News/People]
Steele Died of Accidental Drug Intoxication
Las Vegas transgender legend Jahna Steele died of accidental drug intoxication on Jan. 22, the Clark County, Nev., Coroner's Office told Windy City Times.

Hospital Apologizes to Trans Woman
Last month a story about Seton Medical Center's discrimination against Charlene Hastings received national attention. Hastings, a transgendered woman, applied for a breast augmentation procedure at the Catholic hospital, which was immediately denied.
[Blog/News/Commentary] Seton Medical Centre, A Catholic Hospital, Changes Policies To Comply With Public Accommodation Law
This story is probably going to anger The Catholic League, the California Catholic Daily, Focus on The Family (CitizenLink), the Pacific Justice Institute, and the freepers — since these groups have already jumped on how wrong a transgender woman's lawsuit over breast enhansemnt surgery was in the first place — but Seton Medical Center has just backed down on their use-of-facility denial of for a transgender woman's plastic surgery.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Tragedy After Tragedy
If the killing of Lawrence King wasn't sad enough, there are too many other stories -- all murders of trans POC that took place this year.