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terça-feira, março 04, 2008

Transexual assassinada já foi identificada formalmente
Luna, a transexual brasileira cujo corpo foi encontrado na manhã de 28 de Fevereiro dentro de um contentor de entulho, foi já identificada formalmente. A identificação decorreu ontem, e segundo informações recolhidas pelo DN, terá sido efectuada por um familiar que se encontra em Portugal. O processo decorreu à margem do consulado do Brasil, que no início da tarde de segunda-feira ainda não havia sido contactado pelas autoridades portuguesas. A família pode ter sido alertada para o óbito através das notícias publicadas nos jornais portugueses, confirmando-o através de um contacto com a pensão onde Luna vivia.

Gay and lesbian teachings defended
A call for children to be taught more about gay and lesbian issues has been defended by the Scottish Government.
The call came in a report from a group set up by ministers in 2006 to look at attitudes in Scotland to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people.

Remarks boost sales in East for Ersoy
A transsexual singer who criticized Turkey's recent incursion into northern Iraq and the resulting deaths of soldiers as a plot by those at the top has become very popular in eastern Turkey, outselling the former top selling Kurdish singers.
RTÜK boss accuses singer Bülent Ersoy of ‘ill intentions’
The head of Turkey's television and radio watchdog has expressed his dismay at singer Bülent Ersoy's recently televised statements in which she recently said that the death of Turkish troops in a ground operation in northern Iraq was unproductive and therefore unnecessary in finding an ultimate solution to Turkey's problem with separatist terrorism.

Nova Scotia Liberals Call For Government To Fund Sex Change Operations
Nova Scotia Liberals have passed a resolution calling for the province to pay for sex-change operations.

[MA, USA] [Commentary]
My View: For some, a job well done isn't enough
I had always thought that to advance in my career I just needed to be very good at my job — that I would be judged on the merits of my work. At the age of 40, however, I learned how very wrong I was.
Until that time, I had a successful career as an engineer. With a degree from MIT, a strong work ethic and well-honed skills in electronics design, I had a job I loved, great co-workers, and was gradually gaining more and more managerial responsibilities.
That all changed in 1993, the year I made the difficult decision to transition to living as a woman. Suddenly, my once thriving career hit a wall, and I was no longer on track for management positions.

[FL, USA] [News/Commentary]
Transexual teen has faith in self, others
The night I heard that a cross-dressing teen had been shot and killed on Sistrunk Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale, I immediately thought of Willie Litersky.
I had interviewed Willie, another cross-dressing teen, for a column about the challenges that gay and transgender kids face.
I had been so impressed with Willie's courage and self-confidence that I wrote, "When I grow up, I want to be like Willie."
That was 18 months ago. When he was 15. When Willie was still Willie.
Monday, Willie turned 17, the same age as murder victim Simmie Williams Jr.
And Willie is now Niki.