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segunda-feira, março 10, 2008

[UK] [News/People/Television]
Soldier In Sex Change Battles To Be Accepted
The first army officer to have a sex change has spoken about the challenges of being accepted.
Highly decorated soldier Ian Hamilton, brought up in Aberdeen, suppressed his female side for decades before going through the gruelling gender change process.

[Trinidad & Tobago]
Mary and Jane...
All of March Express Woman will share stories from some of the sex workers who have formed the Caribbean Sex Worker Coalition. Their accounts give insight into the realities of Caribbean socio-economics, sexuality and gender relations that led them to sell sex. Last week we spoke with a veteran Guyanese streetwalker. Now meet two transsexuals.

You mean, she's my son?
"After the surgery, it really hurt," new-half (transsexual) Miki —formerly Tatsuya — Yoshikawa tells Takarajima (April), in an installment from its series titled "Sexual Drifters."
"It felt like I was getting kicked in the groin about every minute on the minute. It wouldn't have hurt as much if I hadn't rushed things and taken more shots to lower my testosterone level before the operation."

Women's Day special time for transgendered driver
Michelle Paquette has a unique perspective on today's International Women's Day celebrations, as someone who has lived as both a woman and a man.

[USA/Canada] [Film]
Sex-change story is a powerful confession
Steven Haworth used to be a boy.
He grew up playing hockey like most boys in Canada. When he became a man, he got married to a beautiful woman. They loved one another.
But Haworth couldn't change how he felt inside: He was a woman trapped in a man's body -- that is, until he decided to do something about it.

Trans conference debates merits of anti-discrimination laws
Advocates debated the efficacy of anti-discrimination laws, one of the sacred cows of the LGBT rights movement, during a Harvard Law School conference on transgender legal issues last weekend.
The debate comes amidst a national discussion about whether to include gender identity language in the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) and as lawmakers in Massachusetts consider making the state's non-discrimination laws trans-inclusive.

Boston vigil in memory of Lawrence King
Excerpt: "I think that in general what people are feeling like is that this is discrimination that needs to be talked about not only on the basis of sexual orientation but particularly around gender expression, and what's resonating with folks is that Lawrence, it was reported that he was beginning to cross-dress and express his gender differently, and that's the part that's really resonating with folks, that one of the ways we begin to experience discrimination at the hands of straight people is through our gender expression," said Flaherty.

Years later, two mothers shed tears for slain gay sons
Five years and a half-mile separate the violent deaths of two young gay men who were dressed as women along Sistrunk Boulevard.
Timothy Broadus: 22, shot dead on Jan. 8, 2003.
Simmie Williams Jr.: 17, shot dead on Feb. 22, 2008.
Their mothers have been close friends for years.

Trans Resource
The following page recently came to my attention. It's a really brilliant trans resource and well worth taking a look for anyone doing any research in this area.

Rear And Present Danger
A shady Atlanta businesswoman armed with a gallon jug of silicone and syringes is offering to inject women seeking "J.Lo butts" in a Manhattan hotel room - an illegal and potentially lethal cosmetic treatment.