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quinta-feira, março 20, 2008

Vigília de homenagem a Luna, Transexual assassinada em Lisboa.

4ª feira, dia 26 de Março, 19h00, Conde Redondo (esquina com a R. Gonçalves Crespo), em Lisboa.

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[Iran] [Blog/News/Commentary]
BBC News published an article <> a couple of weeks ago about transition in Iran. In Iran, it is legal to change sex: if you can convince a doctor that you are a transsexual, and if they permit you to undergo GRS, then you can legally change your name and gender on your identifying documents.

Solidarity bound them together, Reema, Kajol, Pritambar, Suman and hundreds of other "sisters", who thronged the south Kolkata park last week to participate in a candlelight vigil.

Thailand's military will stop branding transsexual conscripts as mentally disturbed, and will list them in a new "third category" as neither male nor female, a senior officer said Wednesday.
Transsexuals, or katoey, will be treated with more respect when they go through the annual military conscription process. The armed forces plan to amend a regulation to do away with the offensive labelling of katoey as suffering from ''a mental disorder''.

A group of male-to-female transgender people in the western Cuban province Pinar del Rio recently have begun to educate local men who have sex with men about HIV prevention, Inter Press Service reports <http://www.ipsnews. net/news. asp?idnews= 41623> .

Newsom's commission games
Mayor Gavin Newsom didn't want Debra Walker, an artist and activist, running the Building Inspection Commission. He doesn't want Theresa Sparks, a transgender woman and community leader, running the Police Commission. And now, we've learned, he doesn't want Robert Haaland, a labor activist and one of the city's most visible transgender leaders, to serve as vice president of the Board of Appeals.
But of course, the mayor thinks it's perfectly fine to put two employees of Pacific Gas and Electric Company — an outfit that is suing the city, breaking the law, trying to subvert public power and cheating the public out of hundreds of millions of dollars a year — on city commissions.