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quarta-feira, abril 02, 2008

Europe's Top Court Backs Gay Partner Pension Rights
The Luxembourg-based European Court of Justice ruled Tuesday that if a company offers pension benefits to the married partners of workers it must also offer the same benefits to same-sex partners.

Government resumes repressive dress-code
Excerpt: Dress codes based solely on gender stereotypes restrict both freedom of expression and personal autonomy, Human Rights Watch said. The only known targets of the new Kuwaiti law have been transgender people – individuals born into one gender who deeply identify themselves with another. Kuwait allows transgender people neither to change their legal identity to match the gender in which they live, nor to adapt their physical appearance through gender reassignment surgery.
Rights group condemns transvestites' arrests
Human Rights Watch yesterday condemned a wave of arrests of transvestites in Kuwait and called for the scrapping of a new law which outlaws cross-dressing. "New arrests show that Kuwait has resumed enforcing a repressive dress code that criminalizes 'imitating the appearance of the opposite sex,'" HRW said in a statement.

Transsexual goes missing in Prince George, B.C.
Police in Prince George, B.C., are asking for the public's help in finding a missing transgendered person.
Karrie Bone, also known as Garry Bone, was last seen getting into a semi-trailer on 2nd Avenue on March 15.

Opponents of silent observance related to gays aren't keeping quiet
Excerpt: Eliza Byard, deputy executive director of GLSEN, said the American Family Association's message distorts the day's meaning.
"This is an opportunity for concerned students to speak out on the issue of violence and aggression against students based on sexual orientation or gender expression," she said. The harassment is "simply unacceptable, and it has to stop."

Transsexual sentenced for threatening Butler Co. officials
A Butler County transsexual serving time for the castration death of her husband has been sentenced to more time for threatening prosecutors and witnesses in her first trial.

State’s new prison chief said he would consider killer’s sex-change request
The new commissioner of the state's prison system said today he plans to re-examine the case of a convicted killer suing the Department of Correction to try to get a sex-change operation.

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Don't Diss My Community To Build Pride In Yours
I happened to be off from work on the day Oprah broadcast her show on intersex people. It's a community that can definitely use the media facxe time and I eagerly tuned in to watch and learn more about a community that definiely needed the media face time. I was enjoying the show until a panellist made this comment in an effort to explain the differences between the transgender and intersex communities:
"Intersex is a medical problem, transgender is a mental one."

Pregnant transgender man to appear on Oprah
'Pregnant' man pictured before his sex change
Bearing child a "human," not female, desire, says pregnant man
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