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segunda-feira, março 31, 2008

Best of Times, Worst of Times: Kate Craig-Wood
Kate Craig-Wood, 31, is a finalist in the BlackBerry Women in Technology Awards and managing director of her own IT company. Born Robert Hardy Craig-Wood, she underwent gender reassignment and officially became a woman in 2006.

'It wasn't my choice to be a transgender'
William, born female, has always known he was really male.

Born a girl but he never felt right in dresses
He was born a girl but even as a young child Aram knew his brain was wired to be a man's. In 2006, Aram started the extraordinary process of "transitioning", which included taking hormones so he could finally feel at home in his own body.

Surgery can take more than year of preperation
Sex reassignment surgery never happens on a whim.
Transsexuals go through more than a year of preparation under mental-health professionals' guidance and must be deemed mentally and physically ready for surgery before transitioning from one sex to another.

[MI, USA] [Blog/People]
Julie reflects on past year
John Nemecek rocked Spring Arbor University and made national news last year when the transgender professor came out as Julie. Being fired in February 2007 from the Christian college only strengthened her resolve, and sharpened her pen.

[NY, USA] [People]
Finding Her Voice
WHEN I first met Nicole Von Valkenburg, she was sitting in front of a mirror, intent on her morning grooming ritual, which involved tweezing, applying makeup, parting her dark blond hair, and fitting her long streaked blond wig over her head. When she was finished, she emerged as another person, a diva who had stepped from a '70s movie, ready for a night out.

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