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domingo, abril 27, 2008

Moscou proíbe Parada Gay pela terceira vez consecutiva
As autoridades russas proibiram, pelo terceiro ano consecutivo, a realização da Parada Gay de Moscou, afirmando que não permitirão que sejam conduzidas ações lideradas pelas minorias sexuais durante os feriados de maio.

Eunuchs demand job quota, protection
Even as the OBC quota heat refuses to settle down, eunuchs have raised the demand for reservation in jobs. Following the Bihar and Tamil Nadu governments' decisions to give them job protection, the eunuchs in Maharashtra have put the demand for jobs and protection against violence by public and police.

Coming out the hardest part for cross-dresser
Amanda Ryan is a 55-year-old male sales rep, father of two, and a cross-dresser.

Escaping from the 'fear'
Transgender couple find strength to deal with their sexuality.

The times, they are a changing
Gender Mosaic offers private support, public outings for transgender members.

Depois de Brokeback Mountain, Ang Lee volta a filme gay
Diretor de O Segredo de Brokeback Mountain, Ang Lee resolveu filmar mais um filme de temática gay. Segundo a agência de notícias Reuters, o novo filme de Ang gira em torno do festival de Woodstock. "Taking Woodstock" tem como figura central um designer de interiores e um gerente de um hotel que vive em Greenwich Village.

Through Sickness, Health and Sex Change
Excerpt: But it is not exactly the same union, as evidenced by their marriage certificate, which they have enlarged to poster size to make the point. The original, from 1980, listed Donald Brunner as the bridegroom and Frances Gottschalk as the bride. But a sex-change operation in 2005 turned Donald into Denise. Fran stood by her spouse, and the couple secured an amended certificate, putting "Denise" next to "bridegroom" for lack of other options.
Photo: Sylwia Kapuscinski for The New York Times
HERE AND NOW Fran and Denise Brunner had children when Denise, center left, was Donald.

Online Prostitute Caught In Sting
Metro police arrested a transsexual prostitute who may have put clients at risk of contracting HIV.

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Today's Battle
Over at the Massachusetts Eagle Tribune, where a local legislator would prefer to see transsexual prisoners die, even if keeping them alive is a lot less expensive:
"I want to put into the law something that there is fairly widespread agreement on," Tarr said yesterday. "That this is a procedure that shouldn't be paid for, especially when the budget is tight and the Department of Corrections is strained to perform basic functions."

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Barney Won't Talk To Us
Never let it be said I didn't give it my best effort.
During a surprise call-in during my March 6th show featuring Donna Rose, Joe Racalto, an aide in Congressman Barney Frank's office, suggested I contact him to set up an interview with Congressman Frank to discuss ENDA and the issue of transgender rights in general. Of course, I was interested. I contacted Joe soon afterward and began the process of requesting and setting up the interview. Unfortunately, it seems Joe overestimated the willingness of his boss to speak directly to the transgender community and enter into the kind of dialog with us that he's advocated publicly for so long.

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Starting From Scratch:The Death of United ENDA Part II
Essentially it's business as usual for HRC. Nothing has substantially changed in their lobbying efforts. They've had no "'rehabilitative" ' moment or change of heart. If you take Keisling's words to heart, the only other conclusion that seems logical is that United ENDA is dead.