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domingo, maio 25, 2008

ILGA lança a edição 2008 do relatório Homofobia do Estado
A ILGA (International Lesbian and Gay Association) lançou recentemente o relatório anual sobre a questão da Homofobia do Estado em todo o mundo. O mesmo pode ser encontrado no site da organização em index.asp? LanguageID= 5 (Português).

[UK] [Letters to the Editor]
If you live in the West, play by its rules or leave
I WAS upset to read the report regarding a transsexual driving instructor being left devastated after a Muslim customer in Sheffield threatened legal action ("Gender row upset" Examiner, May 22).
Transsexuals are legally recognised in the UK, so what right has this Muslim to challenge the law? Would you see a Catholic or an Anglican kicking up such a fuss? In fact the man who is complaining is in breach of discrimination laws.

Facing hate crime in Turkey
A report by Human Rights Watch says gay and transgender people in Turkey are subject to "endemic abuses", and calls on the government to act to protect them. The BBC's Sarah Rainsford met some of the victims.

[Canada] [Letters to the Editor]
Sex-change surgery is as necessary as coronary bypass
Under the Canada Health Act, it is the role of the federal government to guarantee access to medical care, not restrict it. Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre's attitude towards gender reassignment surgery is ill-informed.
[Letters to the Editor] Definitely life-saving surgery
On behalf of CAMH, I wish to commend the province on its decision to relist sexual reassignment surgery as an OHIP-covered service. This puts Ontario back in line with other provinces.

[USA] [People/Commentary]
How will the pregnant man's daughter thank him for this breathtakingly cynical - and profitable - foray into gay rights?
With an eight-month bump and a beard, he claims to be the world's first pregnant man. This week, the Mail paid Thomas Beatie a visit and discovered a tale of greed, gay rights zealotry and breathtaking cynicism.