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quinta-feira, maio 22, 2008

Filmes à Letra - GRIP organiza ciclo de cinema LGBT
"Em Maio de 2005, o GRIP realizou a sua primeira iniciativa pública, com um ciclo de cinema. Passados três anos, vamos assinalar este aniversário com o Filmes à Letra - um ciclo dedicado a todas as letras do 'LGBT'. Quatro fins-de-semana, oito filmes, e conversa q.b. vão ser a nossa maneira de comemorar a riqueza e diversidade destas comunidades, que, diferentes entre si, se vão reunir no mesmo espaço."

Sex swap driving teacher fury
A SEX swap instructor at an all-female driving school was left devastated when the Sheffield husband of one of her pupils threatened to sue her firm - for sending a man to teach his Muslim wife.
Transsexual driving instructor sparks complaint
A gender-swap driving instructor at an all-female firm said today she was "hurt and deeply upset" when the husband of a pupil complained about her.
Transsexual driving instructor in row over threat by Muslim student
The manager of a transsexual driving instructor who used to be a man has been threatened with court action because she sent her to teach a married Muslim woman.

Handbook on transgender children released
The book deals with family acceptance, the education system and medical and legal issues.
For parents and professionals alike, raising a transgender child can be confusing and challenging.

Presidente diz que matará todos os homossexuais
Segundo informações do site gay espanhol,, o presidente da Gâmbia, Yahya Jammeh, ameaçou cortar a cabeça de todos os homossexuais do país e de todos aqueles que dizem ser seus amigos.

CUBA: Sexual Diversity - the Rainbow Revolution
Nearly 50 years after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, sexual minorities are at last beginning to feel that their voice is being heard and that they can finally take their place in the movement towards a more just and inclusive society.

Way to go, Waria! - IDAHO in Jakarta
Gay and trans activists in Jakarta took advantage of the International Day Against Homophobia last Saturday May 17, to demonstrate on behalf of GLBT Indonesians.

Advocate: Hundreds wait for sex change
Ontario has a backlog of 100 to 200 people waiting for sex change surgery, says an advocate for the transgendred.
[Letters to the Editor] Sex-reassignment surgery is a necessity
As a transgendered person I was saddened to hear Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre's response to Ontario Health Minister George Smitherman's announcement that sex reassignment surgery would be reinstated under OHIP.
Sex-change 'surprise'
Niagara Falls Liberal MPP Kim Craitor says he was "caught by surprise" by word his government is planning to reinstate coverage for a limited number of sex-change surgeries each year under the province's publicly funded health insurance system.

Report: Anti-LGBT Violence Up 24%
Excerpt: While the FBI report is based on formal complaints to police departments and does not include crimes against transsexuals.
The National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs report is based on people who have sought help from member agencies as a result of being victims of crimes.

Trans Definition Controversy
Transgender activists are objecting to the selection of ex-gay researchers chosen to re-write the gender and sexuality definitions in the psychiatrists' bible of mental disorders.

Web Site Offers Free Breast Implants
Excerpt: The founders of the site said they are currently expanding and looking into starting up two new sites -- one for people who would like weight loss surgery and another for gender reassignment.

[USA] [PR]
'This is Our Love Story' Campaign Will Debut This Summer
Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) announced today that it will debut a new ad campaign this summer featuring transgender actress and activist Calpernia Addams. The campaign, titled This Is Our Love Story, highlights PFLAG's long-time commitment to the transgender community and urges supporters to help "transform the movement" by joining the organization' s work for transgender rights. Ads will begin appearing in pride guides this summer, and will be featured, through in-kind advertising from supporting publications, in other outlets over the coming months.

Buying Time for Gender-Confused Kids
A procedure that some are mistakenly calling a sex change treatment for children has been drawn into the spotlight in recent days -- although it has been going on for many years.