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quarta-feira, maio 14, 2008

Teen transvestite gets Bhutan thinking about sex
In Bhutan, the men wear gowns and often carry women's names, but this has not stopped a teenage transvestite from causing a stir by publicly coming out in this tiny, secluded Himalayan kingdom. Names in Bhutan are often androgynous and all men wear a knee-length dress called the gho while women wear the "kira", an ankle-length gown.

India's transgendered - the Hijras
With more than 4,000 years of recorded history Hijras have a supposedly sanctioned place in Indian life, but they've faced severe harassment. Are things changing?

[New Zealand]
Christchurch transgender man protests at being expelled from gym
A Christchurch transgender man claims his sexuality rather than body odour is behind the termination of his gym membership and has laid a complaint with the Human Rights Commission.
Gym expulsion angers transgender man
A Christchurch transgender man has laid a complaint with the Human Rights Commission claiming his gym membership was terminated because of his sexuality.

Cuba Will Celebrate International Day against Homofobia next May 17
Excerpt: The announcement, led by the National Center of Sexual Education, intends to contribute to the education of the whole society, with emphasis in the family, in the respect for the right to the free and responsible sexual orientation and gender identity, as exercise of the social justice.

Belgian surgeons to perform Cuba's gender reassignment operations
The head of Cuba's National Centre for Sexual Education, Mariela Castro, has revealed that 30 gender reassignment operations have been approved.

[USA/Canada] [Blog/Commentary]
Letter to consultant brought in to clean up CAMH Clarke Institute
Below is a letter I sent to a consultant brought in to address longstanding problems at Toronto's notorious CAMH Clarke Institute, the source of nearly all institutionalized oppression of trans people in North America.

[MA, USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Prison Chief Can’t Comprehend Trans Murderess
Massachusetts Corrections Commissioner Harold Clarke sure is rude. And makes things too complicated.
Why do we say such things about Clarke? Well, denied inmate Michelle Kosilek's sex change operation, and insulted the worlds.

GSA Holds Day Of Rememberance For Murdered Transgender Student
On April 24, College of the Desert's Gay-Straight Alliance Club held a day of remembrance for Gwen "Amber Rose" Araujo, who was savagely beaten and murdered in 2002 in El Dorado County in California by four men after they discovered that she was a transgender.
Gwen "Amber Rose" Araujo was murdered in 2002 by three men. Photo courtesy of AOL Images.

Woman mistaken for a man settles NY lawsuit
A woman ejected from the female restroom after a New York City restaurant mistook her for a man has settled her discrimination lawsuit for $35,000, she said on Tuesday.
Khadijah Farmer , a 28-year-old lesbian, ate at the Caliente Cab Restaurant Co. last July with her girlfriend and a friend after marching in the gay pride parade in Greenwich Village.
Lesbian Settles Bias Suit With NYC Restaurant
A lawsuit by a lesbian who was ejected from a New York City restaurant following last year's LGBT pride march when a bouncer thought she was too masculine to use the women's rest room has settled her lawsuit against the business.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
The Father Of A Transgender 10 Year Old
My ten year old son has shown clear and undeniable signs of transgenderism since before he was four. His favorite musicians are all girls (Hannah Montana, Hillary Duff, etc.), all his friends are girls, he enjoys dressing in girls' clothing--often sneaking into his mother's closet, and he is presently obsessed with the "fairy" kid-lit of Daisy Meadows.