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sexta-feira, maio 09, 2008

In an April 28 ceremony at Manhattan's Asia Society, the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC) bestowed its 2008 Felipa De Souza Awards on the Iranian Queer Organization (IRQO) and Chilean trans activist Andrés Ignacio Rivera Duarte.

Audiencia absuelve transexual porque no da crédito a relato de adolescente
La Audiencia de Barcelona ha absuelto a un transexual acusado de abusar sexualmente de un cliente de la peluquería en la que trabaja porque el tribunal no da crédito al relato de la supuesta víctima, un adolescente con 'inestabilidad afectiva' que puede tener una visión 'histriónica' de la realidad.

Religious groups gang up against Moscow Pride
Excerpt: In a letter to Commissioner Thomas Hammarberg, Buddhist, Muslim, Russian Orthodox and Jewish leaders referred to "so-called pride" events and "non-traditional sexual orientation."
They argued that as the majority of Russians think lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people commit sins "damaging human dignity" they do not have the rights others do.

SFU hosts unprecedented trans conference
Academic stars of the transgender, transsexual and intersex world gathered at Simon Fraser University May 1-3 to share their knowledge at an unprecedented conference that drew more than 200 participants, many from across Canada and around the world.

Transgender killer torn with guilt, searching still for identity
The hairdresser who bleached Raven Navajo’s roots in jail wasn’t given much time or many tools, so the result was more mine shaft canary than blond — dingy yellow hair fried so thin it seemed to float on static electricity. The color clashed something awful with her blue jailhouse jumpsuit, an effect opposite of what Navajo had hoped for: Sitting in court, in her melted mascara and makeup-spackled skin, she still looked like a man.
She was one, once. She was also a husband, a veteran, a prostitute and, above all else, a skunk-drunk alcoholic. Now, however, she’s mainly known as a murderer.

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Free the sex trade
Excerpt: It is a profession not filled exclusively with people who freely chose it from a host of other options. No doubt there are some in that category, like the college student turning tricks for extra cash. But too many turn to it by necessity. These include gay teenagers who have been thrown out of the house by their parents, and transgender people whom discrimination has left with few options.

Political Notebook: Award recognizes Mixner's pioneering ways
Excerpt: Regarding the controversy over the Human Rights Campaign's decision last fall not to demand congressional leaders include gender protections in the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, Mixner joined in the chorus of LGBT leaders denouncing HRC's stance.
"I am for transgender inclusion strongly. I don't think we get equality by being intolerant towards others," said Mixner. "So I think an ENDA without trans inclusion is an empty victory."

Atlanta Pride turns away HRC sponsorship over trans fight
Excerpt: "We knew that it was almost a no-win situation," [Atlanta Pride Executive Director Donna] Narducci said. "Do you take the money, or do you not take the money? Do we need the money? Yes, we need the money. . But do we need to take the money from an organization that is not inclusive. and what is that going to do the trans community here in Atlanta?"
Atlanta Pride Executive Director Donna Narducci said $5,000 from HRC was not worth jeopardizing the festival’s outreach to transgender people. (File photo)

Final Pride marshals chosen
The board of directors of the San Francisco LGBT Pride Celebration Committee Inc. has named Theresa Sparks the lifetime achievement grand marshal for this year's San Francisco LGBT Pride celebration.