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quarta-feira, abril 30, 2008

[European Union]
Report reveals disturbing divide in treatment of transexuals in the EU
The International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA)-Europe and TransGender Europe have published a comprehensive report on the experiences of health care by transgender people in European Union.
European Study on Transgender' s Healthcare Is Published
ILGA-Europe and TransGender Europe published the first comprehensive report on the experiences of health care by Transgender people in European Union. This report is a result of the largest and most comprehensive data collection on transgender people's lived experienced to date.

Pain of daring to be different
In a brutally honest account, Stephanie Butterfield opens her heart and tells what it is like to be a man undergoing trans gender surgery. In her own moving words, she tells LAURA CAROE about her experiences and the sometimes bigoted reaction she faces.

Delegado cogita indiciar travesti por extorsão a Ronaldo
A polícia deve indiciar por extorsão e furto de documento um travesti envolvido num incidente com o jogador Ronaldo, ocorrido em um motel do Rio de Janeiro, disse nesta terça-feira o delegado responsável pela investigação do caso.
Foto: Agência Estado
Ronaldo is an AC/DC Milan star
SOCCER superstar Ronaldo cried foul when three hookers he booked turned out to be BLOKES.

LHC allows woman to change sex
The Lahore High Court on Tuesday allowed a woman to change her sex and undergo a surgery after the Federal govt and her medical consultants agreed that she was suffering from 'Gender Identity Disorder' that required a surgery.

[USA] [Blog/Film]
Hot Docs Review: Be Like Others
Excerpt: But it is more complicated than a transsexual wanting a sex change. In Iran, this matter is complicated because homosexuality is punishable by death, and transgendered lifestyles are not an option. However, sex changes are not only permitted legally -- they are also subsidized by the government. It is this strange path of religious, political, and social ruling that Eshaghian focuses on in Be Like Others. She does not argue the particulars of this strange rationale, but rather shows the life and world of those who live it -- lives that reveal a flawed and chilling system for dealing with differing gender preferences and sexuality.