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terça-feira, abril 29, 2008

Se não usa Satinelle, vc não é trans!!!

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Shaving my legs is such a drag
Excerpt: 5) As a transsexual woman, I can't help but notice how dependent this ad is on the concept of "drag"— that is, the fact that the subject in the video identifies as a boy and that their feminine gender expression is depicted as a "performance" or an "impersonation." The commercial would have an entirely different meaning (and would evoke a very different emotional reaction) if it featured a trans woman who fully and unapologetically identified as female. For this reason, this video will likely annoy a lot of transsexuals because it forwards the "trans = fake" trope that is too often used to marginalize us.

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The Global Struggle for Queer Freedom
Jamaican AIDS activist, Steve Harvey, was shot dead by a gang of men who burst into his home in late 2005. Soon afterwards, Nokia Cowen drowned when he jumped into Kingston harbour to escape a violent homophobic mob. A few weeks later, Jamaica's trade ambassador Peter King was found dead with his throat slashed and multiple stab wounds. Then the mutilated bodies of two lesbians were found dumped in a septic pit behind the house they shared.

Travesti acusa atacante Ronaldo de não ter pago possível programa
Definitivamente, a fase de Ronaldo não é das melhores. Isso porque o atacante do Milan, da Itália, está sendo acusado pelo travesti André Luis Ribeiro, mais conhecido como Andréa Albertine, de não ter pago um programa feito na madrugada desta segunda.

Police storm international meeting for gay rights in Kyrgyzstan
Human rights groups have highlighted the plight of the LGBT community in Kyrgyzstan after a police raid on a leading gay rights group.
Police forced their way into the premises of the LGBT group Labrys, which was in the midst of hosting a dinner for 30 domestic and international advocates.

Ativistas entram com recurso contra proibição da Parada Gay de Moscou
Os organizadores da Parada Gay de Moscou apresentaram na manhã de hoje, 28 de abril, um recurso contra a decisão da prefeitura que proibia as manifestações que marcam as comemorações de orgulho gay.

Winnipeg holds vigil for National Day of Silence
Excerpt: The vigil in Winnipeg was particularly timely because it happened exactly a month after the death of a local transgender woman. Calvin Osborne, who went by the name Rose, was murdered in late March in an apartment suite on Broadway Ave. Rose was the sibling of Helen Betty Osborne, a young Aboriginal girl whose violent death in 1971 left a lasting scar on Manitobans. Although police have not come forward to say the killing was a hate crime, people in the community suspect that Rose's gender identity may have played a role in her death.

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Some Good News
Excerpt: The doctors have said that her physical damage will be "indistinguishable from fully recovered" -- which means that unless you both knew her before and knew she was attacked, you're not likely to pick up on a difference once things are done... though Raychel has emailed me venting about how much she hates her physical therapist!
As of today she was able to take 5 unassisted steps!
She's seeing a speech therapist too, to recover from the brain damage she received in that area as well.

Opening The Door To The Inclusion Of Transgender People
The National Center for Transgender Equality and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force today released a joint publication titled Opening the Door to the Inclusion of Transgender People: The Nine Keys to Making Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Organizations Fully Transgender-Inclusive, geared toward lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) organizations.

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How Marriage Inequality Affects Transgender Spouses
There are several things that bug me a lot about this NY Times article on a married couple that stayed together through one partner's transition as a transwoman. There's referring to the transwoman, Denise, by masculine pronouns and her birth name to reference past events where she did identify as female but had not yet had sexual reassignment surgery. There's the very equation of surgery with transition — one is accepted as a woman only through virtue of a vaginoplasty, not only with regards to the law, but also in terms of how her gender is treated by the newspaper (and vice versa for a transman). Since not all transgender people choose to have surgery, and since not all people determine their very identity based off of their genitals, it's insulting and obnoxious, and a big part of the problem that the paper is trying to examine. (Not to mention how the story is run, of course, in the Fashion and Style section.)

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Too Black? Too Tranny?
I've been called a lot of things, believe me. But "too black" has never been one of them, by any stretch of the imagination. So, I was initially amused when I read that The Bilerico Project — where I'm a regular contributor — has been accused of being "too black" and "too transgender."