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segunda-feira, maio 19, 2008

Objection to DSM-V Committee Members on Gender Identity Disorders
On the Task Force, named as Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders Chair, we find Dr. Kenneth Zucker, from Toronto infamous Centre for Addictions and Mental Health (CAMH, formerly the Clarke Institute). Dr. Zucker is infamous for utilizing reparative therapy to Ccure gender-variant children. Named to his work group, we find Zuckers mentor, Dr. Ray Blanchard, Head of Clinical Sexology Services at CAMH and creator of the theory of autogynephilia, categorized as a paraphilia and defined as man paraphilic tendency to be sexually aroused by the thought or image of himself as a woman.
Also Dr Ann Lawrence, a supporter of his JUNK SCIENCE.. is understood to be in consideration as an alternate member.
We, the undersigned hereby object to their inclusion on this committee, and object to the hurtful theories they promote.
In order to have any credibility in the field of gender identity, the DSM must not include discounted theories or junk science.
We ask that they be removed at once as members.
Sign the petition.

Dana gets a taste of Vodka
Dana International, the Israeli Eurovision singer who sailed to victory in 1998, is back on the scene, this time as the author of Israel's entry, The Fire in Your Eyes.

Transgender marriage rattles Mexico
Couple hopes publicity will spur law to allow sex-change operations.

Doctors restore 'Manhood'
DOCTORS of the Guntur Government Hospital (GGH) have performed a rare surgery on a 25- year-old person, who was suffering from congenital adernogenital syndrome and removed his female genital organs.

'Eunuchs' in trains on Railway Police hit list
It's an unusual special drive for Railway Protection Force (RPF) -- catching eunuchs on trains who are often seen extorting money from passengers.

Transsexual loses court battle to change name, gender
A transsexual has failed to have his name and gender changed to that of a woman after the Court of Appeals (CA) upheld the government's position that the entries to his birth certificate should not be changed.

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3 Models of Transsexuality
Before going into a basic overview discussion of three models of transsexuality -- HBS, Zucker/Blanchard' s and transgender -- I want to start with a couple of clarifications about some of the discussion that has been happening here and elsewhere on the controversy surrounding the Work Group drafting changes to how transsexuality is treated.

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More on Dr. Kenneth Zucker
Dana at Mombian points out this NPR report on the mother of a transgirl who was sent to Kenneth Zucker (who's the chair of the panel charged with revising Gender Identity Disorder's entry for the DSM-V). Let's just say he isn't going to be waving the Transgender Pride Flag any time soon:

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Update on the DSM-V Issue from Dr. Marshall
Before people get overly hysterical about the Gender Identity Work group for the DSM, some things need to be made clear.

Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence cross spiritual paths with fundamentalists
For the second year in a row last weekend, teens from Teen Mania Ministries, a group known for its fundamental Christian and anti-gay beliefs, attended the Acquire the Fire event at San Diego State University's Cox Arena. And for the second year in a row some teens were met with a different message than they anticipated when they crossed spiritual paths with The Asylum of the Tortured Heart Incorporated, the San Diego Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.