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domingo, julho 13, 2008

Mais de 100 pessoas na Marcha do Orgulho Gay
Mais de 100 pessoas desfilaram este sábado por várias ruas do Porto na 3ª Marcha de Orgulho Lésbico, Gay, Bissexual e Transgénero (LGBT), este ano centrada no tema da educação para uma saúde responsável, noticia a Lusa.

[Canada] [Commentary]
The Pyrrhic Victory of OHIP-funded Sex Reassignment Surgery
Like many others in the trans community, I was pleased to hear that the Liberal government had taken the bold step of re-listing Sex Reassignment Surgery (also known as SRS, GRS, or simply, "the operation") under the list of OHIP-provided services. When it was removed in 1998, it caused a great deal of hardship to many people.

[CA,USA] [Letters to the Editor]
Drag queens don't represent gay community
Editor - There is a hate measure that will be on the ballot in November. Placing a transvestite on the cover of the June 22 "Big Gay Issue" is actually a disservice to the gay community. There are many prominent gay people who could have been chosen. Instead, The Chronicle decides to put a drag queen on the cover.

Homophobic Attack in West Queens
LGBT Youth Drop-in Center Responds to Gay-Bashers Assault