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terça-feira, julho 08, 2008

Transsexual refused admission to the Spanish army for lack of a penis
A transsexual, Aitor G.R. has been described as 'not apt' for service and refused entry to the Spanish armed services by the Ministry of Defence because of 'a total lack of a penis' and 'the loss, absence or atrophy of both testicles'.

Manifestação do Orgulho Gay reúne mais de um milhão em Madrid
A manifestação do Orgulho de Lésbicas, Gays, Transexuais e Bissexuais (LGTB), realizada no último sábado (5) em Madri, sob o lema "Pela Visibilidade Lésbica", transformou o centro da capital espanhola em um cenário de festa e de reivindicações contra a discriminação.

Milhares saem às ruas de Londres para celebrar o Orgulho em clima de conto de fadas
A Parada Gay de Londres aconteceu no sábado, dia 05 de julho, com o tema "Contos de fadas, mitos e lendas" e reuniu milhares de pessoas no desfile pelas ruas do centro da cidade, em uma manifestação de defesa ao orgulho gay.

Trans activists infuriated by doctors in charge of gender identity definitions
The appointment of two Toronto doctors to a committee revising medical definitions of gender identity has infuriated trans people across North America.
Trans activists are also worried that Kenneth Zucker and Ray Blanchard both work at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), which will decide who is eligible for sex reassignment surgery (SRS) once it is relisted under the Ontario Health Insurance Plan.

A call to protect all from gender or sexual orientation discrimination
Bermuda must protect citizens from discrimination on the basis of their sexual orientation or gender, British MPs have said.
The recommendation, made in a report into the governance of the British Overseas Territories, has been welcomed by equal rights campaigners.

Blogger gets respect
Excerpt: The progressive, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issue-centered blog is also one of the first to acquire press credentials to this year's Democratic National Convention, which is granting access to bloggers for the first time.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Disordered Identities: The Focus of Pathology
Two weeks after the American Medical Association passed a historic resolution supporting health insurance coverage for gender confirming endocrine and surgical care, Dr. David Stevens of the Christian Medical & Dental Associations slurred this medically necessary care as "mutilation" by stereotyping transsexual women and men as mentally ill.