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sexta-feira, junho 27, 2008


Transgrupo do Paraná discute processo transexualizador
Na semana que antecede a Parada da Diversidade de Curitiba, o transgrupo Marcela Prado realiza o 2º Espaço Trans, evento que pretende discutir e abordar todos os aspectos do processo transexualizador, dos enfoques psicossociais aos jurídicos.

Parada Gay de Jerusalém reúne 2 mil pessoas e 2 mil policiais
Depois de serem obrigados a desfilar dentro de um estádio em 2006 e ameaçados com atentados a bomba em 2007, militantes homossexuais comemoraram nesta quinta-feira, 26, as duas mil pessoas que desfilaram pelas ruas de Jerusalém, na 7a. Parada gay da cidade. Além dos dois mil participantes, outros dois mil policias fizeram a segurança do evento.

Say no more: Transsexual Israeli tops Lebanese song chart
Excerpt: "We found out they were playing my music by chance," the 32-year-old Aderet said on Wednesday. She grew up in a religious home in Jerusalem and launched her musical career after undergoing a sex change operation following her IDF service over 10 years ago.

WB man changes sex to marry partner, gets ditched
Egged on by his gay partner to go for a sex change so that they could marry, a man undergoing the process found to his dismay that his partner showed no interest in him any more nor could he return to his original self now.

On Stonewall anniversary, transgender activists remind LGBT movement of its roots
Like many such celebrations, the Twin Cities Pride celebration takes place in June, in part to commemorate New York City's Stonewall Inn uprising, which began in June 1969, and is widely recognized as a galvanizing event in the history of sexual rights organizing.

[TN, USA] [News/Commentary]
Memphis tranny wants $1.3 million after police beating
Duanna Johnson, the Tennessee transsexual who was abused by Memphis police, is willing to drop her case if they give her $1.3 million.
Johnson deserves every penny of it
after getting beaten by a cop just for being a tranny.
2nd Memphis officer fired for beating during arrest
A second Memphis police officer has been fired for beating a transgender woman.
Patrol officer Bridges McRae, 28, was fired Wednesday during an administrative hearing.

Collection of trans HIV data slow
Despite the mountains of surveillance data about HIV/AIDS, when it comes to the transgender community there is precious little information about the scope of the epidemic. Lee Thornhill, prevention and education manager for TransCEND (Transgender Care and Education Needs Diversity), a trans-focused program at Cambridge Cares About AIDS, said based on the program's work and the experiences of their clients it is clear that transgender women are at increased risk for HIV infection. Yet when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and local health departments collect surveillance data on new infections, trans women are generally coded into a risk category that does not square with their own identity: men who have sex with men (MSM).

Officials announce HRC dinner boycott
A handful of San Francisco's LGBT elected and appointed officials – joined by more than a dozen gay, youth, housing, and labor activists – gathered at the LGBT Community Center on Tuesday, June 24 with a message that they said was in the spirit of unity and LGBT Pride: Boycott the Human Rights Campaign's fundraising dinner next month.

Trans March turns five
Now in its fifth year, the annual Trans March will kick off Pride weekend Friday night with what organizers expect will be its largest crowd yet. Attendance could number 10,000 marchers this year as several hot button issues have focused attention on concerns facing the transgender community.

Professor lives as 'full-time' transgender woman
As a polymer and fiber engineering professor, Dr. Gwynedd Thomas teaches Auburn University students about the correct composition of protective body armor. In a way, she says, this instruction is a metaphor for the protective yet false shield she carried around most of her life. Until recently, she begrudgingly accepted and portrayed her birth gender—male—so she wouldn't have to face the social repercussions.

Gender confusion goes to the Hill
Today Congress will hold its first-ever hearing dedicated to the plight of transgender employees.
[Blog/Commentary] Gender Identity Discrimination in the Workplace gets First Hearing in Congress
Today, for the first time ever, Congress is holding a hearing to educate Members of Congress exclusively on gender identity issues.This groundbreaking event should also lay the groundwork for congressional action to prohibit arbitrary discrimination against transgender Americans.
The House Hearing Has Ended
The last few minutes were highlighted for me by Sabrina Tarabolleti's disclosure that she's been fired (again) from a job patching potholes by the Florida Dept. of Transportation … and by Rep. Andrews' closing remarks about "progress is glacial … and it can be even slower than that … " and his comments about the need to help the forgotten or neglected, who have few votes and little money or power.
[Blog/Commentary] Some Quick Thoughts About The Congressional Hearing...
It ended about ten minutes ago as I write this, and I have to say I was, for the most part, impressed. At some points, even proud.
[Blog/News] Congressional Hearing on Transgender Discrimination
Today the House Education and Labor Committee's Subcommittee on Health, Employment, Labor and Pensions held a hearing on discrimination against transgender employees. Retired U.S. Army Colonel Diane Schroer, a highly-decorated veteran who transitioned from male to female after 25 years of distinguished service in the Army, testified before the committee. Diane interviewed for a job as a terrorism research analyst at the Library of Congress and accepted the position, but the job offer was rescinded when she told her future supervisor that she was in the process of gender transition. The ACLU is now representing her in a Title VII sex discrimination lawsuit against the Library of Congress. This is her testimony.
[Blog/News/Commentary] Congressional Hearing - initial thoughts
I don't know that I've ever been prouder to be trans than I am this morning. For many of us watching these hearings is an emotional thing. I know it was for me.
MORE initial thoughts
[Blog/Commentary] From DC: First Impressions From The Health, Employment, Labor and Pensions Subcommittee Hearing
Well, in was a historic hearing. The Health, Employment, Labor and Pensions Subcommittee held a hearing today, entitled An Examination of Discrimination Against Transgender Americans in the Workplace

Transgender rights spread, but opposition mounts
As more state and local governments extend anti-bias protections to transgender people, fierce opposition is surfacing. In Colorado, conservatives contend a new state law will enable sexual predators to frequent women's bathrooms; in Maryland a "Not My Shower" campaign seeks to overturn a comparable county law. Though frustrated by the resistance, and insistent that the alarms are unfounded, transgender rights activists are heartened by an overall trend toward greater protection under the law. In the past 15 years, 13 states and more than 90 cities and counties – home to roughly 40 percent of the U.S. population – have passed measures banning various types of discrimination against transgender people.