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quarta-feira, junho 25, 2008

Cine MixBrasil exibe documentários sobre transexuais
Dois registros documentais sobre transexualidade e que fizeram parte da mostra de curtas do Festival MixBrasil de Cinema da Diversidade serão exibidos nesta terça-feira (24), a partir da meia-noite, pelo Canal Brasil.

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Thomas Beatie: When a 'Man' Isn't a Man
Excerpt: They are, of course, talking about a woman who calls herself "Thomas Beatie" who cut off her breasts and takes testosterone to make her body look masculine, but did keep her female reproductive organs and impregnated himself with frozen sperm.

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Bosom amputees on parade
Excerpt: Reported "Supported by politicians, corporations and public schools, Northampton's 'Gay Pride Parade' included gruesome display of body mutilations – women who've cut their breasts off march shirtless in defiance of homophobic society – women who have purposefully had their breasts surgically cut off because they want to become men. They removed their shirts and paraded their scars in public, after taking male hormones – with several of them prominently growing facial hair."

Congress to Hold Historic Hearing on Gender Identity in the Workplace
This Thursday, June 26, the House Education and Labor Committee's Subcommittee on Health, Employment, Labor and Pensions will hold a hearing on discrimination against transgender employees. Congressman Robert Andrews (D-NJ) will chair this historic hearing, the first Congressional hearing on transgender issues and gender identity discrimination in the workplace.

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The DSM-V and Kenneth Zucker
In May, the American Psychiatric Association announced the makeup of the team responsible for revising the fifth (and latest) edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, known as the DSM-V.

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Transgender invisibility in marriage laws
If she identifies as a woman, she is a woman. But that is obviously too much for the state of Virginia to understand, so they are trying to figure out if they should prosecute a husband and wife for getting married, because it turns out the wife is an MTF. So technically they are violating the same sex marriage. Since a transgender woman's personhood is not recognized by the state.