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sábado, junho 21, 2008

Tory claims "sex change" surgery is a choice
A Conservative MP has claimed that gender reassignment is a "matter of choice."
Mark Pritchard, who represents The Wrekin, expressed his view during Business Questions in the House of Commons yesterday.
He said that while he is "not against sex changes" he wants a debate on their cost to the NHS.

Irlanda realiza 25ª Parada do Orgulho Gay de Dublin
Mais de 10 mil pessoas são esperadas para celebrar, no próximo sábado (21), a 25ª Parada do Orgulho Gay da capital irlandesa. Segundo maior evento do país (atrás apenas do Dia de St. Patrick), o evento a cada ano se torna maior e mais importante. Segundo o prefeito de Dublin, Paddy Bourke, a Parada deste ano será um evento "para ser lembrado".

L'employé licencié pour avoir voulu changer de sexe témoigne
Il se prénomme Baptiste, mais se fait désormais appeler Clarisse. Ce père de famille, licencié après avoir annoncé à son patron qu'il souhaitait changer de sexe, a obtenu réparation devant les prud'hommes. Il s'exprime pour la 1re fois sur son combat.

Una popular cantante transexual turca planta cara a militares y jueces
"Si yo hubiese tenido un hijo y alguien sentado en un despacho me hubiese dicho 'haz esto, haz lo otro' y por culpa de ello tuviese que enterrar a mi hijo, ¿lo encontraríais aceptable?". Estas palabras de la cantante transexual turca Bülent Ersoy la han metido en un buen lío con los militares.
Transsexual Turkish Singer on Trial for Criticizing Mandatory Military Service
A popular transsexual Turkish singer went on trial Wednesday on charges of trying to turn the public against military service.

Bahraini Court Rules Former Woman Now Male
Once a woman, a Bahraini man has won his fight to be legally recognised as male and says that by being the first to publicly announce his transformation he has softened Arab society's rigid views on gender.
Bahraini woman wins battle to become a man
A Bahraini man won his three-year legal battle to have his sex change officially recognized by the courts, press reports said on Thursday, in a culture where such topics are seen as taboo.

Miss Tiffany, a good son
Although still old fashioned in many ways, Thai society has long accepted - even embraced - its lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgendered (LBGT) communities.

Thai school opens 'transvestite toilet' for transgender students
A Thai school has added a third option to the standard 'boys' and 'girls' bathrooms - a 'transvestite toilet'.

Fiscal pide datos en Argentina sobre la supuesta hermafrodita
El fiscal José Planás, quien investiga el casamiento frustrado entre una mujer y otra persona que asegura ser hombre, solicitó a las autoridades argentinas información respecto a la verdadera identidad de Jesús Alejandro Martínez o Catalina Vera, persona que dice tener ambos sexos, pero que el fiscal afirma que es mujer de acuerdo a los datos proporcionados por el médico forense Silvio Chirife.
Liberan a supuesta pareja lesbiana
La pareja que fue detenida el pasado sábado a la noche, cuando estaba a punto de casarse en la iglesia de Lambaré, ante la sospecha de que se trataba de lesbianas, ha sido liberada ayer a la siesta por orden del fiscal José Planás, quien no obstante imputará a ambas personas.
Juez liberó a pareja de mujeres que intentó casarse por Iglesia
Una paraguaya y una argentina detenidas tras intentar casarse por Iglesia el pasado sábado fue liberada por un fiscal que las imputó de todos modos por supuesta producción de documentos no auténticos y producción mediata de documento público de contenido falso.

Polémica al rojo en concejo municipal de Independencia
Un verdadero "circo romano" se vivió ayer en la comuna que dirige Antonio Garrido (RN), quien se negó a pedirle disculpas públicas al transexual al que la semana pasada trató de "mariconcito" y reiteró que si él quería le daba trabajo.

Campaña para la inclusión social de travestis y transexuales
El puntapié inicial de la actividad se concretará el lunes, a las 16, en la Secretaría de Promoción Social, donde se hará desde una pegatina de afiches en la vía pública, hasta la capacitación de equipos de salud de la ciudad. Además, al día siguiente se realizará en el distrito centro una jornada sobre políticas públicas para la diversidad sexual y el miércoles, a las 9.30, se lanzarán en la librería Ross las actividades del Día del Orgullo Gay-Lésbico-Trans.

Mayor Reacts to Beating at Criminal Justice Center
The Mayor says the jailhouse beat down crossed the line, even saying it was inhuman.
He said he expects the law to come down on the officers involved.
Transsexual Beaten; Officer Fired
Surveillance tape from a Memphis police station shows police officers hitting a transsexual who they had taken into custody.
FBI asked to investigate Memphis police beating
Police have asked the FBI to look into the beating of a prisoner at the Memphis jail.

New rules for transgender kids in NY juvenile jails
Transgender youth in New York's juvenile detention centers can now wear whatever uniform they choose, be called by whatever name they want and ask for special housing under a new anti-discrimination policy that advocacy groups say is among the nation's most progressive.
New Transgender Policy Takes Effect at N.Y. Juvenile Jails
Transgender youth in New York's juvenile detention centers are now allowed to wear whatever uniform they choose, be called by whatever name they want and ask for special housing under a new anti-discrimination policy drawing praise from advocacy groups.
NY Juvenile Detention Facilities Cater to Transgender Fantasies
The inmates are literally running the asylum in New York juvenile detention facilities.
Nueva York: cambian normas para jóvenes transexuales detenidos
Transexuales en centros de detención juveniles en Nueva York están ahora autorizados para vestir el uniforme que deseen, ser llamados por el nombre que elijan y solicitar habitaciones especiales bajo nuevas normas anti discriminatorias elogiadas por grupos que defienden sus derechos.

State: Tranny flick too racy for park lineup
A transsexual punk rocker is too racy, but a psychopath with an ax is just fine with state parks officials when they approved this year's summer movie lineup in Empire–Fulton Ferry State Park.
Three out of eight films selected by the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy — "Hedwig and the Angry Inch," "The Shining" and "Stand By Me" — were under scrutiny because of their R rating.
But after state parks commissioner Carol Ash viewed the films, only "Hedwig" was barred — and Conservancy director Marianna Koval is still scratching her head.

Transgender trucker sues for job discrimination
Backed by the American Civil Liberties Union and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, 33-year-old transwoman Kaylee Seals filed a federal lawsuit against her former employer on Thursday, alleging discrimination and retaliation due to her gender expression.

Nun's the word for this GLBT gang
They join because they have a calling to minister to the community and help others. They wear habits, take vows and call each other sister.
Only these sisters aren't actual nuns. They aren't even women.
Instead, they are the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a non-religious group of mostly gay men devoted to volunteer service and human rights, in a lighthearted way.

Within two hours of coming out as transgendered to her Human Resources department, corporate jet pilot Jamy Spradlin was put on paid administrative leave. To make matters worse, the Federal Aviation Administration delayed renewing her license to fly for nearly a year while they evaluated her psyche for stability after beginning hormone replacement therapy.
Photo: Jamy Spradlin Regains her 2nd Class FAA Medical Certificate, allowing her to fly again

PAC to subpoena Nizah Morris DA records
In an unprecedented move, the city's Police Advisory Commission voted unanimously last week to subpoena records from the District Attorney's Office related to cell-phone use by police officers involved in a "courtesy ride" for a transgender woman in 2002.
Nizah Morris, 47, was found with a fatal head wound in Center City shortly after Philadelphia police gave her a ride during the early-morning hours of Dec. 22, 2002.