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segunda-feira, junho 30, 2008

Movimentos sociais juntam-se à marcha - Parada LGBT junta um milhar de pessoas no Príncipe Real
Cerca de um milhar de apoiantes da causa LGBT (lésbica, gay, bissexual e transgéneros) juntaram-se esta tarde na Praça do Príncipe Real, em Lisboa para mais uma parada LGBT.
Marcha LGBT - Orientação sexual não é um tema “fracturante”
“Fracturante é a discriminação.” Esta foi a palavra de ordem do manifesto da marcha anual do movimento de lésbicas, gays, bissexuais e transgéneros (LGBT), que ontem reuniu em Lisboa cerca de mil activistas e apoiantes.
Orgulho sai do armário para pedir leis mais justas - Pelo reconhecimento das relações familiares não convencionais
"Homem verdadeiro leva no pandeiro". Esta foi uma das palavras de ordem da parada do orgulho homossexual realizada ontem em Lisboa, mistura de festa e manifestação que juntou cerca de mil pessoas, com pouca política, muitas plumas e alguma (escassa) nudez.
Foto Reportagem: Dia LGBT em Lisboa

Indemnização recusada à mãe de Gisberta
Segundo o Jornal Correio da Manhã, a Comissão de Protecção às Vítimas de Crimes não vai atribuir qualquer indemnização à mãe de Gisberta, a mulher transexual sem-abrigo, que em 2006 morreu no Porto afogada num poço após vários dias de agressões perpetradas por 13 jovens.

Sunday's gay parade in India marks 1969 Stonewall riots in New York
Excerpt: The sexual minorities are pressing for other demands, as well. For instance, the Bangalore-based GAY and Sangama, two sexual minorities' forums, want sex change facilities in the city's leading hospitals, provisions for sex reassignment surgeries for transgender groups and welfare schemes for the LGBT people.
Gay pride rally turns curious heads in Bangalore
On a breezy Sunday afternoon, about 600-700 gays, lesbians, bisexuals, trans-genders and their frenzied supporters caused a flutter in India's IT hub by staging a colourful "pride rally" to observe the Stonewall Riots Day under the watchful eye of a vigilant police. The two-hour rally, flagged off from a city college grounds in upscale Basavangudi suburb, once populated by conservative Brahmins, culminated at Town Hall for a public meeting to the beats of drums, blaring music and a native dance by about 100 activists comprising hijras, kothis (feminine homosexuals) and 'double-dekkers' (local term for transsexuals) .

High turnout expected for Toronto's Pride Parade
Thousands of revellers will step out onto downtown Toronto streets Sunday afternoon for the annual Pride Parade.
Skies clear for Dyke March
Excerpt: Of course, not everyone at the event was either a dyke or transsexual - the other group of prominence at today's march. Women of all ages were seen walking around holding the hands of their husbands.

Transgender people fight for equal employment rights
Diane Shroer is a retired U.S. Army colonel who made the transition from male to female in 2004. When she applied for a job with the Library of Congress as a specialist in terrorism and international crime as David, when she was legally a man, she was hired.
Congress comes out to the Transgender Community - Part 2
You never seem to see Congressman Barney Frank enter or leave a room, or so it seems to me on every occasion I have seen or talked with him personally. Even sitting at the witness table, he folds his hands in front of him with his palms flatly on the table and bends over and rests his chin on them to lower his profile. But, when the time comes, Barney Frank literally explodes in your face and you know you're in a room with a very astute and respected politician.
[Blog/Commentary] The Religious Right comments on the Transgender Workplace Discrimination Hearings
Nearly every major Religious Right organization opposing LGBT rights has commented on the Congressional Hearing on Discrimination Against Transgender Americans in the Workplace, which was held on Thursday, June 26th. Here's a look at what some of them have said.

[TN, USA] [Commentary]
Rights groups mum on beating
Excerpt: But from the folks who rally the troops when police brutality rears its head, especially when the officers are white and the victimis black (as was the case in the Feb. 12 incident), well, the silence was deafening.

On the frontier of transgender civil rights
Although the gay community has increasingly been assimilated into the mainstream, those identified as transgender seem to remain on the fringes of society

Lynn Edward Harris (1950 - ) actor, bookkeeper.
Lynn Elizabeth Harris was born in Orange, California, south of Los Angeles, with ambiguous genitals. She was not surgically 'corrected', and was raised as female. Her father was a character actor, who left when she was a young child. Lynn was an intelligent child who could recite Shakespeare at age 3.