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sexta-feira, setembro 12, 2008

Education should cater more for the economy – PM
Excerpt: Malta Gay Rights Movement social welfare officer, Gabby Calleja, described the difficulties transgender people go through in finding work. She said research showed that there is a high level of prejudice against transgender people by employers and social partners while flaws in the legal system make it difficult for transgender people to change data in their birth certificates and identity documents.

[South Africa] [Film/PR]
Out of Africa Appeal against non-certification of film progresses
We have to announce that the award winning film "XXY", which was due to be screened for the first time at the G & L Film Festival, cannot be screened because the Film and Publication Board has declined to issue the necessary classification which permits public screenings.

Transgendered housing project cancelled
York: only one student approved to participate but initiative not totally out

[USA] [Commentary]
What Has Sex Got to Do With It, Ex-Man Asks Court: Ann Woolner
Excerpt: But Preece saw only a man dressed as a woman, she would later say. And within 24 hours, she had called Schroer to say he wasn't ``a good fit'' for the job, after all.
Same credentials. Same knowledge. Same person. Different sex.

Boro teens rally in Astoria against hate and violence
Excerpt: The March Against Hate was organized in response to a violent July attack on residents of Carmen's Place by neighborhood teens, with rally participants brandishing signs and a bullhorn to denounce hate and violence.