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sexta-feira, setembro 05, 2008

Central nuclear é cenário «um bocadinho pateta»
Ex-secretário de Estado do Ambiente do PSD aponta as desvantagens deste tipo de energia

Central nuclear em Portugal fora da «agenda política»
Renato Sampaio, do PS, reage a declarações do PSD

Plataformas de gelo gigantes à deriva no Ártico
Este Verão já se desprenderam 214 quilómetros quadrados de gelo no Canadá devido às alterações climáticas

Glaciares dos Pirinéus podem desaparecer até 2050
Investigadores espanhóis dizem que este é um sinal evidente do aquecimento global

Ártico perdeu placa de gelo do tamanho de Manhattan
Uma placa de gelo com as dimensões da ilha da Manhattan, ao largo de Nova Iorque, acaba de desprender-se do Ártico, em mais uma demonstração do que o aquecimento global tem vindo a fazer nos pólos.

Transexual gaúcha consegue na Justiça mudar de nome
A Vara de Registros Públicos de Porto Alegre garantiu nesta semana à transexual L.P., 56, o direito de ter seu registro civil retificado, alterando seu nome de masculino para feminino. Em trâmite desde novembro de 2007, o processo exigiu laudos de médicos particulares e perícias médicas judiciais para comprovar a transexualidade de L.P.

Damages for sex assignment without consent
After years of suffering from the path she was given as a hermaphrodite, an orderly from Cologne has won on appeal her case for damages against her surgeon.
This physician removed the intact female reproductive organs of the 48-year-old woman without the necessary consent according to the judgment of the Appeals court on Thursday and rejected the appeal that had been entered to the court by the surgeon. The orderly is asking for 100,000 euros in damages as a result of the operation which took place over 30 years ago.
Some background: there was confusion concerning the sex: at birth the woman from Cologne's enlarged clitoris was considered to be a penis. She was raised as a boy by her parents and was named Thomas. It was not until an appendectomy that doctors observed that she also had a uterus and ovaries which were removed by the surgeon from Cologne over 30 years ago.
The Regional Court of Cologne, in a unique precedent-setting manner, determined that the operation had been illegal. The surgeon had recommended the surgery because he had gone on the assumption that the [internal] reproductive organs of the woman from Cologne were in a damaged (atrophied) state. When he noticed that he was mistaken [about this], he continued the operation anyway.
Therefore, the Appeals Court of Cologne has judged that he is guilty of having damaged her health and her right to decide for herself. The judgment cannot be appealed. The amount of the damages is to be determined by the Appeals Court of Cologne.

KR sex crime victim speaks
A TRANSGENDERED woman advanced civil-party participation at the Extraordinary Chambers on Wednesday, becoming the first victim of sexual violence under the Khmer Rouge to file a complaint with the UN-backed court.
Photo: VANDY RATtANA / Som Sotheavy, who on Wednesday became the first civil party at Cambodia’s Extraordinary Chambers to lodge a complaint pertaining to gender-related crimes, breaks down at a press conference.
Transgender victim of Cambodian sexual abuse seeks justice
A Cambodian transgender woman filed a complaint Wednesday with the Khmer Rouge genocide tribunal alleging that she suffered repeated sexual abuse at the hands of the communist group when it held power three decades ago.

Mexico City OKs trans name, ID changes
Mexico City's legislature has passed a law making it easier for transsexuals and transgender people to legally change their names and obtain revised birth certificates that reflect their gender identification.

Hamilton allies protest NPA rejection
The Non-Partisan Association (NPA) has made a big mistake. That was the consensus of the nearly 50 people that gathered outside Little Sister's bookstore Sep 2 for a rally to support Jamie Lee Hamilton.
Hamilton, a transsexual sex-trade activist, wanted to run on the NPA slate for a seat on the Vancouver parks board in this November's municipal election.
Photo: REJECTED FOR HER SEX-TRADE WORK? Jamie Lee Hamilton (left) alleges the Non-Partisan Association turned her down as a candidate because of her work in the sex trade. (Shauna Lewis)
NPA riles Jamie Lee Hamilton's friends
Several community leaders and politicians have condemned the NPA board for vetoing the candidacy of a transgender sex-trade workers’ advocate. In a demonstration outside Little Sister’s Book & Art Emporium on September 2, nearly a dozen speakers took turns explaining why they thought Jamie Lee Hamilton, a long-time crusader on behalf of the missing women on the Downtown Eastside, was a worthy candidate for public office.

Woman Dies After Shooting
Homicide detectives are looking for the person who shot a man in the head after breaking into his home.
The shooting occurred Aug. 20 in the 1500 block of West Market Street, but the victim died from his wounds just this past weekend.
(...) Hurt lived downstairs from Nikki Williams, also known as Nakhia, who was in the middle of a transgender operation process. (Vídeo)

Transgendered singer files complaint over karaoke
A transgendered woman who says a Connecticut bar refused to allow her to sing on a karaoke night has filed a complaint with the state Liquor Commission.
Michelle Merrill says a manager at the Skyline Restaurant in Windsor Locks would not let her sing on Aug. 22 because she is a transsexual. The 35-year-old Enfield resident was born a male and began sex-change procedures 10 years ago.
Merrill says the manager told her other patrons complained that she used the women's bathroom and he didn't want people like her in the bar.