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terça-feira, agosto 26, 2008

Roberta Close pode posar nua mais uma vez
A transexual mais famosa do Brasil, Roberta Close, pode mostrar toda sua beleza desnuda mais uma vez em uma revista masculina. De acordo com entrevista do site Ego, Roberta está em negociação para posar nua novamente – ela já fez ensaios nas revistas Ele & Ela, Playboy e Sexy. (Foto)

Penalties against homosexuals should be stricter, says MP
Parliamentary Secretary-General MP Roudhan Al-Roudan has stressed the need to be strict with the homosexual community in Kuwait, particularly transsexuals who behave and dress like members of the opposite sex. The MP also asked both the National Assembly and the Cabinet to work to increase the penalties and punishments given to anyone who exhibits such behavior.

Man faces torture for dowry charge despite sex change
A Bihar court has framed a charge sheet alleging that a man tortured his wife for dowry before their divorce, officials said Monday. The accused then underwent a sex change operation and married a man.

[New Zealand]
Drag queens still banned at Temperance
A protest by 'Radical Queers' – which included over 20 drag kings and queens – was blocked from entering Wellington's Temperance bar on Saturday night, and the group is now considering further action.
Three drag queens were forcibly removed from the bar earlier this month, which was seen as 'blatant homophobia'.
Photo: All dressed up and nowhere to go: Wellington's 'radical' drag queens

Farewell Lil' Romeo
Hundreds of mourners have paid their respects to popular drag king Lil' Romeo, who was murdered in an armed hold-up at a Browns Plains adult store last month.
Romeo (AKA Krissy Pye), 25, was found with multiple stab wounds when police responded to an alarm at the Everything Adult store at about 8.50pm on August 8. Romeo had started work there just a week earlier.

Susan Stanton's marriage comes to an end
The Largo city manager fired after revealing plans to become a woman has ended her 18-year marriage.
Susan Stanton, who served Largo for 17 years as Steve Stanton, has agreed to pay alimony and child support to her ex-wife, Donna Stanton, according to court documents filed this month.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Scenes From the Trans Struggle
Some of this is belated again, my apologies, but is important to note:
1) Sweden is drafting a plan to legislate mandatory physical sterilization of transsexuals,
2) The potty wars rage on in Jacksonville and Cleveland,
3) Murders of transfolk continue to be regarded differently from murders of humans,
4) A Kuwaiti law specifically targeting transgender people has spurred a fledgling human rights action,
5) The T Job Bank <http://www.tjobbank .com/> launches, connecting trans-friendly employers with job seekers. So far, there are 12 jobs listed: let's get our GLBT and diversity allies involved!

[USA] [Blog/Law/Commentary]
Morales v. ATP: Connecticut Federal Court Holds Gender Identity Discrimination in Violation of Title VII
The Connecticut Law Tribune has a story on a federal lawsuit, involving the sexual harassment and termination of a transgender employee in Connecticut, which was thrown out by the court (...)
[Blog/Law] Summary Judgment Granted in Transsexual Workplace Discrimination Case
Excerpt: Lessons from this case: follow HR procedures, don't give your boss a "reason" to fire you, and do not participate in silly behavior in the office--all of these things will hurt your case if you pursue a discrimination claim later.