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segunda-feira, agosto 25, 2008

Greenpeace: Arctic Sunshine fica até Setembro em Lisboa
O capitão do Artic Sunrise acaba de pôr os olhos em terra. Parece uma maré viva de histórias a atracar em Lisboa. O navio da Greenpeace vem marcado por três meses de alto mar em busca dos barcos de pesca ilegal.

Espanha: incêndio obriga à paragem da central nuclear
Um incêndio deflagrou às 8h45 na central nuclear de Vandellòs II e obrigou à paragem da actividade na central e à activação do Plano de Emergência Nuclear de Tarragona, onde está situada a central, explica um comunicado do Conselho de Segurança Nuclear, de acordo com o site El País.
Fuga de urânio em França
Uma pequena fuga de urânio, provocada por um defeito numa conduta, foi detectada esta sexta-feira numa unidade da empresa Comurhex, filial do grupo nuclear Areva, em Pierrelatte, França.

Former trucker’s CS gas drama
A TRANSSEXUAL former trucker was sprayed with CS gas after rowing with police officers investigating a burglary.

[UK] [Blog/Commentary]
Because we’re disposable
Another of my sisters is dead.
Another trans panic defence accepted.
Another killer acquitted of murder.
“Voluntary manslaughter”?

Could there possibly be a more dehumanising, demeaning term?
Two and a half years after her death, Alexis King is still denied dignity.

Festival de Veneza exiberá filme iraniano sobre transexuais
Um dos filmes-surpresa que serão exibidos na seção denominda "Horizontes", do 65º Festival de Veneza, será a produção iraniana intitulada Tedium (Khastegi), do diretor iraniano Bahman Motamedian. No próximo dia 28 de agosto, o filme será exibido para imprensa e, um dia depois, para o público do festival.

Trapped in a male body: Maxine about her life as a transsexual
Maxine's dream is to have a complete sex change so that one day she starts living her life as a woman, the way she felt since she was born. (Photo)

Bulgaria Police Arrest Seven Transsexual Prostitutes in Downtown Sofia
The Sofia Police arrested Friday 21 prostitutes at the Macedonia Square in downtown Sofia including seven transsexuals.

''Transsexuality not criminal felony,'' declares Arab Human Rights chairwoman
Chairwoman of the Arab Committee for Human Rights Violette Dagher has sent a letter to National Assembly President Jassem Al-Khorafi and MP Mohammed Haif Al-Mutairi requesting them to "review the law pertinent to transexuality and the introduction of laws which may modify the existing criminal laws."

Transsexuals meet with MPs over new law
A number of local transsexuals met on Wednesday with several MPs, handing the parliamentarians a petition asking them to support cross-dressers because they suffer from an illness, reported Al Watan. The letter complained that recently-introduced legislation did not take transsexuals' psychological and physical circumstances into consideration.

Carriers of HIV epidemic ignored in India
Transgenders and the kinnars have got little attention from the government when it comes to formulating health policy in spite they being most susceptible to the threat of HIV/AIDS, even more than the sex workers.

Un negocio de Paraná busca una travesti como vendedora
Generalmente condenadas a la marginalidad y a la prostitución, no es frecuente que las personas transexuales tengan posibilidades de conseguir un empleo formal • Pero en Paraná, Entre Ríos, un local de ropa lo pone como requisito excluyente para ocupar un puesto.

El Senado colombiano discute sobre violencia por identidad de género y orientación sexual
Por iniciativa de la senadora Gloría Inés Ramírez del Polo Democrático Alternativo y el apoyo de organizaciones LGTB colombianas como el Colectivo León Zuleta y de organizaciones sociales que convocan al Tribunal Internacional de Opinión «Violaciones de DDHH en Colombia, un Crimen de Estado», se ha convocado en el Salón Elíptico del Congreso de la República el próximo 22 de agosto entre 9:00 y 12:00 m., a una Audiencia Pública sobre «La violencia por identidad de genero y orientación sexual», en la que se expondrá, desde distintas perspectivas, la situación de derechos humanos de las personas LGTB colombianas.

Family says it has some closure in murder of Amancio Corrales
When they left the courtroom, the eyes of parents Amancio and Maribel Corrales were still red from the tears they had cried during Thursday's sentencing of the man who killed their son.

Study states 10 percent of trans vets turned away from VA hospitals
An interesting study released today by the Palm Center at the University of California, Santa Barbara, shows that transgender veterans face being turned away by Veterans Administration hospitals and medical facilities as well as facing other forms of discrimination.

[MD, USA] [Blog/Commentary]
The Blurred Lines of Gender
The Washington Post has a long and interesting story this morning about Stella Walsh, a Polish-American Olympic athlete who set or matched the world record in the 100 meter dash six times. Upon her death, according to this story, there was a controversy: (...)

District Briefing (Testimony Ends in Transsexual Bias Suit)
A federal judge yesterday concluded a four-day bench trial in a lawsuit brought by a former Special Forces commander who lost a job offer as a terrorism research analyst at the Library of Congress because he disclosed he was undergoing the medical process of becoming a woman.

Perhaps New America's First Transgender 'Top Model'
Tyra Banks' show "America's Next Top Model" will introduce Isis, its first transgender contestant, on September 3.

JC Female Impersonator Alleges Gay Bashing Assault
A Johnson City female impersonator speaks out for the first time since allegedly being assaulted Wednesday morning.
Angel Renee Rose agreed to be interviewed, but asked to use her stage name for security reasons. (Vídeo)

[MD, USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Guest Blog: Living with Discrimination as a Transgender Woman
My name is Maryanne Arnow, a transgender woman, native Marylander, and Montgomery County Resident of more than 35 years, openly living in mainstream public society.
In the last year, I've had to face distinct increases in discrimination and denigration from the general public in the normal course of my daily life. This is occurring directly as a result of a local campaign from conservative groups that continually foster unwarranted fears, stereotypical misrepresentations, and highly negative references to transgender people, in the public eye of perception.

Shooter of trans woman convicted of voluntary manslaughter
A Philadelphia judge has acquitted the killer of a trans woman of murder charges, despite an impassioned plea by the prosecutor that malice was behind the shooting.

Liz Eden (1945 - 1986) and John Wojtowicz
Ernest Aron was born in Queens, New York. As Liz Eden she at one time lived in the same rooming house as Holly Woodlawn.
John Wojtowicz, a New Yorker, had a first marriage to Carmen Bifulco from 1967-9. They had two children. He met Liz at a an Italian feast, and married her in a Catholic ceremony in December 1971.
Wojtowicz attempted to rob a Chase Manhattan Bank branch at 450 Ave P, Brooklyn, NY, on August 22, 1972. Wojtowicz held the bank employees hostage, and gave his reason as paying for his lover's sex change.

[USA] [PR/Health/Medicine]
Researchers define characteristics, treatment options for XXYY syndrome
Researchers at the UC Davis M.I.N.D. Institute and The Children's Hospital in Denver have conducted the largest study to date describing the medical and psychological characteristics of a rare genetic disorder in which males have two "X" and two "Y" chromosomes, rather than the normal one of each. The study, published in the June 15 issue of the American Journal of Medical Genetics Part A, also offers treatment recommendations for men and boys with the disorder.

[USA] [Television] [Video Preview]
The Oprah Winfrey Show - Friday, 8/22
Transgender individuals with the courage to say, This is who I am.
What happens in one family when Dad becomes a woman?
The new American family Oprah wanted to meet.