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quarta-feira, agosto 13, 2008

Animais extintos por culpa do Homem
Estudo contradiz as convicções segundo as quais a extinção dos grandes animais pré-históricos tinha sido uma consequência das mudanças climáticas.

Fin de la discriminación a transexuales en el ejército español
Hace un mes saltaba en la opinión pública el caso de Aitor, hombre transexual al que se prohibió el acceso al ejercito por no tener “pene y testículos”, ejerciéndose asi un claro caso de discriminación directa a Aitor e indirecta a todo el colectivo transexual. Finalmente el gobierno ha decidido poner fin a esta discriminación en el ejército, actualizando a nuestras fuerzas armadas con el resto de la sociedad.

No direct DNA link to teen accused of murdering Thornton Heath transsexual
A teenager accused of strangling a transsexual did not leave conclusive traces of his DNA on a scarf used to kill her, the Old Bailey heard today.
Kellie Telesford, 39, was found on the floor of her bedroom covered in a white blanket with a brown scarf used to choke her, wrapped tightly around her neck.

London Transgender Film Festival announced
2008 London Transgender Film Festival will take place at Ritzy Picturehouse, 7th-9th November.

East German Shot-Put Champ Says Steroid Use Led to Sexual Reassignment Surgery
Excerpt: "I was no longer Heidi Krieger," Krieger told the court during the trial. "I didn't know any more who I was. The pills accelerated any transsexual tendencies I may already have had. I wasn't able to identify with my body anymore and that led me to undergo a sex change."
Athlete says sports steroids changed him from woman to man
Heidi Krieger proved herself one of the world's top athletes in the 1980s, winning medal after medal in the shot put for East Germany.

Brisbane drag king stabbed to death
A 25-year-old adult shop employee stabbed to death in Browns Plains on Friday night was a popular Brisbane drag king, it has been revealed.
"Lil' Romeo" was a member of the GangStars, a mixed-gender performance troupe dominated by drag kings.