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segunda-feira, agosto 04, 2008

Radioactividade libertada de submarino americano
Situação indesejada terá ocorrida durante uma missão. Japão, Havai e Guam avisados
Fuga radioactiva nos laboratórios da AIEA
Uma fuga de plutónio foi detectada durante a última noite nos laboratórios da Agência Internacional de Energia Atómica (AIEA), organismo regulador das Nações Unidas (ONU) com sede em Seibersdorf, perto de Viena, confirmou este domingo o Ministério do Ambiente austríaco, escreve a Lusa.

Mexican sex workers want place at AIDS conference
A global AIDS conference that opens in Mexico City on Sunday is meant for people infected with HIV, but transsexual sex worker Elma Delea cannot get inside.
She will be protesting on the fringes of the six-day biennial event.
"They (Mexican health authorities) said they had no money for everyone who wanted scholarships. We are very angry," said Elma Delea, as she stood at the junction of Calle de Alfredo Chavero and Calzada San Antonio Abad, a stretch of road where transsexuals wait all night to be picked up by customers in passing cars.
Milhares de manifestantes no México contra homofobia
A manifestação decorreu à margem da Conferência Internacional sobre a Sida, que tem início este domingo na capital mexicana. (Vídeo RTP)

Transgender Political Coalition calls on Berry murder to be prosecuted as hate crime
Last night, WREG-TV in Memphis reported that the man who was charged with the February 16, 2006, murder of Tiffany Berry, has now been arraigned on a second murder charge. On Thursday, authorities in Shelby County charged DeAndre Blake with the murder of his own two year old daughter.
At the time of this second murder, Blake was walking the streets of Memphis as a free man on a $20,000 bond. According to Berry's family, Blake admitted he had killed Berry because he did not like the way she had "touched" him.

[USA] [Commentary]
The XY Games
IN the 1936 Olympic Games, the sprinter Stella Walsh — running for Poland and known as the fastest woman in the world — was beaten by Helen Stephens of St. Louis, who set a world record by running 100 meters in 11.4 seconds. After the race, a Polish journalist protested that Stephens must be a man. After all, no woman in the world could run that fast.
Olympic officials performed a "sex test" on Stephens, who was found, in fact, to be female, proving once and for all that a person could be incredibly fast and female at the same time.
Forty-four years later, Walsh, who had become an American citizen, was shot to death in the parking lot of a discount store in Cleveland. Her autopsy revealed a surprise: It was Stella Walsh, and not Helen Stephens, who turned out to have been male all along, at least according to the Cuyahoga County Coroner's office.

Hate crime charges added in Zapata case
Weld District Attorney Ken Buck said Thursday his office has filed first-degree murder charges in the Angie Zapata case.
The suspect, Allen Ray Andrade, 32, of Thornton also will be charged with a bias or hate crime, because Zapata was a transgender woman. Zapata, 20, was living as a woman although she was born male.