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sexta-feira, agosto 01, 2008

Blonde Galway transvestite attacked after Blondie gig
A Galway transvestite was attacked in Galway city after spending an evening at the Blondie gig last Thursday. The man, who goes by the name of Sammy, was pushed to the ground outside the Front Door bar and had his pearl necklaces broken and his wig ripped off by a man who he claims was, "aggressive and extremely threatening, " and who also needed a lot of restraining.
Photo: Sammy with friends at the Blondie gig.

Labour Youths back Joanne Cassar
The Forum Zghazagh Laburisti, the MLP youth section, said this morning that it was backing Joanne Cassar, who despite having been given legal recognition as a woman after gender reassignment surgery, has not been allowed to marry a man.

[Malaysia] [Letters to the Editor]
Transsexuals are not acceptable
Excerpt: Countries around the world which have legalised homosexual and transsexual behaviour have consequently suffered a very steep decline in moral standards that in turn has led to the breakdown of the solid family structure and the isolation of the individual.
Criminality, terrorism and all types of physical and mental abuse come from lonely people who see society as alien, strange and identify it as an enemy.

[CA, USA] [News/Commentary]
Fracas at HRC Gala: Two Views of Allegations of Brute Force
An altercation at the Human Rights Campaign's Bay Area Gala Dinner Saturday, July 26, has left one woman alleging abuse and threatening legal action and an organization scratching its proverbial head. And at the heart of the controversy are two very different sides of what happened that night.
Diego Sanchez crosses the (picket) line at San Fran HRC dinner
The July 26 Human Rights Campaign (HRC) dinner at the Westin St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco was protested by a number of LGBT activists upset about HRC's support of the federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) which currently does not include protections for transgender people. But Diego Sanchez, a Boston-based trans activist who spoke at the event, felt that it was an important opportunity.
'Left Out' protesters throw counterparty outside HRC gala
As the Human Rights Campaign held its San Francisco fundraising gala at the Westin St. Francis Hotel Saturday, July 26, about 250 people gathered outside to loudly protest the group's backing of a federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act that excludes protections for transgender people.

Colorado man charged in transgender slaying
A Colorado man is accused of fatally battering a sex partner with a fire extinguisher after discovering that his companion was a transgender woman.
Allen Ray Andrade, 31, faces several charges, including second-degree murder in the death of Justin Zapata, 20, who was known as Angie Zapata. The victim's bloodied, battered body was discovered in her apartment by her sister on July 17.
Transgender victim referred to as "it"
Allen Ray Andrade never referred to his alleged victim as a she or he. Just "it."
That alone speaks to the brutality of the crime committed against 21-year-old Angie Zapata, said a group that has been speaking for Zapata's family.
Duped lover kills transsexual with fire extinguisher
A furious dupe has been accused of murder with a fire extinguisher after discovering a woman who gave him oral sex was born a man.
Allen Ray Andrade allegedly battered Justin Zapata to death in a fury after discovering the truth.
He had believed the partner he picked up online was a woman known as Angie Zapata.
Thornton man arrested in killing of transgender woman
A Greeley transgender woman was apparently murdered this month because a man she met on the Internet became angry when he discovered she was biologically male. (Vídeos)

Georgia TG fired after coming to work as woman, told 'immoral' and 'coworkers would be uncomfortable'
"It's been devastating. I never thought this would happen, for one thing. And not from a public sector job.... This is about the right of everybody to be treated equally with respect.... It has been said that evil triumphs when good men do nothing. I'm not exactly a man anymore, but I'm not going to do nothing."