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sábado, julho 26, 2008

Transexual obtém direito de adoção na Justiça do Amapá
O juiz auxiliar da Vara da Infância e Juventude da Comarca de Santana, Luiz Nazareno Borges Haussler, concedeu à comerciante transexual Verônica Oliveira de Moraes a custódia de uma menina de 9 meses, reconhecendo, assim, não somente os direitos da transexual enquanto cidadã, mas também o seu direito à maternidade.

Even after a sex change, marriage is for life
A man who has sought legal recognition as a woman will be allowed to stay married to his wife, Germany's Constitutional Court has ruled.
German Government must Recognise "Sex-Change" of Married "Transsexuals"
A German highcourt has ruled that those who have undergone "gender reassignment" therapy can now change their legal name and sex while they are still in legal marriages. Previously, the law only allowed the recognition of "sex-changes" if the person was unmarried. Married "transsexuals" who wanted to change their designations on birth certificates and other official documentation had to first obtain a divorce.

[Mexico] [News/Commentary]
A Den of Sin or a Beacon of Liberty?
The serenading mariachis, the vast pots of tacos and the drunken salsa dancing made the May wedding look like any other Mexican nuptial celebration. What was different, of course, were the genders of the happy couple. Her glamorous white dress and towering high heels notwithstading, the bride Diana, 45, had actually been born Jose Guerrero — a man. Her tuxedo-clad groom, Mario Sanchez, 53, had been born Maria. Both had undergone sex-change operations.

Murder possibly a hate crime
Police investigate the death of a transgender woman in Greeley who"wanted to be beautiful."
Transgender teenager mourned as police investigate her death
Authorities still not sure if killing was hate crime
Family of Murdered Transgender Teen Speak Out
The family of a transgender teenager who was murdered one week ago is urging the killer to come forward.
18-year old Angie Zapata, who was born male, but lived as a woman, was buried Thursday.
Zapata remembered at funeral as courageous friend
Senior pastor Joe Sanchez solemnly stepped up to the front of the congregation, greeted those in attendance, and with a strong and commanding voice, offered his deep condolences.
[Blog/Commentary] Update: Police say murder of transgender Latina teen was "provoked by her lifestyle"
The murder of 18 year-old Angie Zapata in Colorado last week has been slowly gaining attention from national media with the latest report coming today from the national bureau at ABC News ("Transgender teen's death a hate crime?").
Slain Trans Teen May Have Known Killer(s), Say Police
Police aren’t releasing many details about the mysterious murder of 18-year old trans teen Angie Zapata, but they’re definitely digging into her background:

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Killer of Lawrence King to be tried as adult
The whole situation is tragic -- it's an example of how and why homophobia and transphobia are so toxic. One young man is dead, the other, acting on unchecked cultural bigotry, faces a long sentence if convicted. The adults in charge at E.O. Green School in Oxnard, CA saw it all coming and didn't realize or act upon the gravity of the situation, and the defense attorney relies on blaming the victim, a minor.

'Grávido' vende foto da bebé por 190 mil euros
Thomas Beatie, mais conhecido como o primeiro homem 'grávido' no mundo, vendeu uma fotografia da sua bebé a uma revista americana por uns alegados 190 mil euros (cerca de 300 mil dólares).

Celebrity Daughter Kathlyn Beatty Rumored to be Transgender
A not-so-blind item posted on gossip guru Perez Hilton's website on Thursday has some speculating celebrity spawn Kathlyn Beatty may be living life as a transgender. Although Hilton does not name names in the gossip tidbit, investigation by other Hollywood bloggers has led some to believe the subject of the rumor is the daughter of movie stars Annette Bening and Warren Beatty.

Airline mechanic pleads no contest to gun charge
Excerpt: Bracken's lawyer says she had the gun because she was upset with a co-worker for taunting her as a transgender person.