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terça-feira, julho 22, 2008

Partido Socialista quer adiar debate sobre casamento gay em Portugal
O líder parlamentar do Partido Socialista de Portugal, Alberto Martins, declarou nessa último sábado, dia 19 de julho, que o casamento entre pessoas do mesmo sexo deve ser previamente debatido pela população e discutido depois das eleições de 2009, quando se inicia o próximo período legislativo.

Federação lança campanha de boicote à Igreja
A Federação Estatal de Lésbicas, Gays, Transexuais e Bissexuais da Espanha (FELGTB-ES) iniciou sua campanha anual “Nenhum centavo para quem te discrimina”, realizada desde 1999 com o objetivo de conscientizar os espanhóis a não darem dinheiro para os fundos da Igreja Católica no país. A Federação pretender fazer com que cada vez mais um número menor de pessoas destine parte de seu imposto de renda para as obras católicas.

[UK] Dee Palmer (1937 - ) keyboardist and arranger.
David Palmer was born intersex and had corrective surgery to make him definitely male.
He graduated from the Royal Military School of Music and the Royal Academy of Music. He was clarinettist with the Royal Horseguards calvary regiment.
After scoring arrangement for the band Jethro Tull for several years, he was a full member as keyboardist and arranger 1976-80.
Ernest Boulton (1849 - ? ) and Frederick William Park (1848 - ?) performers.
Ernest Boulton was the scion of a family of Stockbrokers in the London suburb of Peckham. He had shown an extraordinary aptitude for playing female characters - even from his sixth year. He often performed in private theatricals; the parts he assumed were always female, and his performances were always popular and successful. He also played the piano and sang excellently. He always had photographs taken.

Pride and prejudice Excerpt:
MGRM recently presented a petition to the political parties calling for the formal recognition of same-sex couples, the inclusion of an article in the Criminal Code regarding homophobic violence and the inclusion of gender reassignment surgery and hormone therapy for transgender persons as part of the public health services, among other proposals.

Transvestite tourists detained in Dubai
A group of foreigners who recently visited Dubai have discovered that there are limits to local tolerance after being detained for cross-dressing at a city shopping mall.

Dead man identified, investigated as murder Editor Note: The victim has been described by my sources as a male-to-female transgender.
A man found dead in his southeast Greeley apartment Thursday afternoon as been identified as an 18-year-old from Greeley.
The Weld County Coroner's Office identified the victim as Justin David Zapata, 18, who lived in an apartment at 2025 4th Ave., where his body was found Thursday afternoon.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
The Silencing of Cathryn Platine
Excerpt: Are you tired of being…relegated to a third gender?
Are you tired of being…associated with crossdressers, drag queens, gender queer…the transgender…the Autumn Sandeens of the world?
Are you tired of being…just another pawn to the homosexual movement?
Join our cause.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Newsweek on Larry King's death
It's surprising, even though it shouldn't be, to me that one of the most mainstream news publications in the US, in 2008, would be much more interested in dissecting the fact that a fourteen-year-old murder victim bought a pair of high-heels than the fact that the fourteen-year-old who murdered him was obsessed with Nazis.