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sexta-feira, julho 18, 2008

Casamentos 'gay' são tema fracturante... para o PS
Conferência. Juventude do PS promoveu ontem um debate sobre o casamento entre pessoas do mesmo sexo. Uma discussão em que ficou claro que esta é uma ideia longe do consenso entre os socialistas. Pedro Zerolo, dirigente do PSOE espanhol e orador convidado, veio dizer que a esquerda tem de "ter valentia"
Partido Socialista português não chega a consenso sobre apoio a casamento gay
O Partido Socialista de Portugal não chegou a um consenso sobre o apoio ao casamento entre pessoas do mesmo sexo no país. Em uma reunião realizada nessa última quarta-feira, dia 16 de julho, representantes do partido, incluindo o grupo de jovens, debateram a questão buscando definir o foco do partido já com o pensamento nas eleições legislativas de 2009.

Offend a homosexual ... Go to prison for 5 years
Christians will face prison for speaking out against homosexuality if Brazil's Senate passes a bill approved unanimously by its House of Representatives.

Tres personas agreden e insultan a la transexual Nova en el distrito de Chamartín
Tres personas agredieron e insultaron con gritos de "puto travelo" a la transexual Nova (foto), conocida por sus apariciones en televisión, mientras paseaba con su madre por la calle de Clara del Rey, en el distrito de Chamartín.

Anger of gay rights groups over registrar court win
GAY rights campaigners have reacted with anger following Christian registrar Lillian Ladele's legal victory over Islington Council in refusing to carry out gay weddings.

GPC negotiator announces sex change
GPC negotiator Dr Stewart Drage has revealed he has become a woman.
In a letter to Londonwide LMCs members today, Dr Drage said her new name is Michelle.

[Czech Republic]
Sex change treatment should start in adolescence - Czech experts
The government working group for sexual minorities wants the bill on special medical services to enable sex-change treatment to start being applied to people under 18, Minister for human rights and ethnic minorities Dzamila Stehlikova (Greens, SZ) told CTK today.

[India] [Blog/News/Commentary]
LGBT Activists March, Pull off Masks in India
Amidst the riotous colors of rainbow-colored flags, boas and saris, the beating drums and slogan-shouting and an atmosphere of defiance and celebration, sexual minorities made themselves heard in the three cities of Bangalore, Delhi and Calcutta at the Gay Pride Parade on June 29 -- a first-time for many, a decade old for some.

Panel of judges dismisses Repent America's lawsuit
Excerpt: Shortly before the arrests, one of the appellants, Mark Diener, called a transgendered person a "she-man," saying through a bullhorn, "The mirror lied to you this morning. Your shadow is showing" and "You won't be preaching like this in hell, she-man."
3rd Circuit Upholds Removal of Christian Protesters at Gay Pride Event
Excerpt: Stapleton found that the Repent America protesters "singled out a transgendered individual for abuse," repeatedly calling her a "she-man" and saying that her gender identity would send her "to hell."
"Once fighting words have been uttered," Stapleton said, "the police can intervene to the extent necessary to defuse the situation and prevent a breach of the peace. The response of the police in this instance was reasonably calculated to accomplish that legitimate objective."

City forces TG woman to dress in men's room
A city swimming pool has told a transgender woman that she must sign in as a man and use the men's locker room to change into her swimsuit.