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domingo, julho 20, 2008

Police Officers Finally On Trial For Beating Transsexual Esmeray
The police officers who beat up and insulted transsexual Esmeray in June 2007 for passing by the front of the station will be tried for the crime of "simple bashing and insulting."

Dubai bans cross-dressing
Dubai has banned cross-dressing in public places after complaints of dozens of "transvestite tourists" in the city's shopping centres.
Police this week detained 40 "cross-dressing tourists", the Gulf News reported, quoting police as complaining that transvestites were frequently being spotted.
Polícia de Dubai fecha o cerco a trans e homossexuais
A polícia do pólo turístico de Dubai efetuou a prisão de 17 pessoas na última quarta-feira (16), acusadas de apresentar comportamento homossexual em um shopping da cidade e em outros locais públicos.

Man Stabbed to Death in Makiki
Excerpt: "He thought that this guy was beating up on his kid, but when he got there the guy had actually stabbed a female," witness Jerris Bargas said.
Witnesses ran to help the victim, who was dressed as a woman, and was bleeding from multiple stab wounds.

Gay bar bans drag queens on ‘Trashy Tuesday’
Excerpt: "Drag queens act like they are divas and think they can't do no wrong," Moore said. "They have stolen money straight off the bar, hassled costumers for drinks and locked themselves in the bathroom with a bunch of guys. And with Tuesday being our busiest night, there is just no way for me to keep the draq queens under control then. I don't want draq queens in here that are going to misbehave."

Transgender/priest attack is troubling
Astoria's Steinway Street, like the rest of the neighborhood, embodies tolerance: Greek restaurants coexist with Starbucks coffee shops; women wearing headscarves brush shoulders with females who don't.
But last Monday, intolerance ruled there. Four neighborhood teens viciously attacked and repeatedly beat a transgender woman and a priest who had come to her defense.