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segunda-feira, agosto 11, 2008

Nation’s first transgender MP takes up next challenge: reality television
THE ANNOUNCEMENT that Italy's first transgender MP will participate in a Survivor-style reality television show in September has surprised her many admirers. Vladimir Luxuria - whose real name is Wladimiro Guadagno - was one of many left-wing MPs to lose their seats after Silvio Berlusconi's crushing electoral victory last April.

Telephone helpline for people vulnerable to HIV/AIDS
Touted to be a first in Orissa, a telephone helpline and face-to-face counseling service on gender, sexuality, human rights, sexual health and HIV/AIDS was opened here today at the office of NGO Fellowship.
The service launched by Fellowship and partner group Shanti Seva would mainly cater to the needs of sexually marginalised people like males who have sex with males (MSMs), eunuchs and transgenders.

U.S. grants asylum in Indonesian transgender case
The United States granted, for the first time, an asylum claim to an Indonesian transsexual last month, an activist said.
Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights organization Arus Pelangi founder King Oey, said that Michelle Saraswati, 42, formerly known as Michael Setiabudi, won her case at the San Fransisco Immigration Court in July.

Friends, family gather to say goodbye to slain woman
Monica Zapata reflected Saturday night in front of 200 people about her sister's life and death and could not keep from leaning on her family an arm's length away.

Transgender city worker dismayed by intolerance
The person who made history six years ago by becoming the first city employee to openly transition from male to female in the workplace has never found a burning cross outside her home.
The acts of bigotry and intolerance have been more subtle — but every bit as disheartening, said Camille Stephanie Hopkins.
Crude notes have been slipped under her office door. She hears giggles — sometimes sarcastic whistles — as she walks the halls. When elevator doors open, friendly chatter often turns into an icy hush.

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Daily Assaults on Personal Dignity
As transgender people feel more and more empowered to come out of the shadows to take their rightful place as contributing and accepted members of society, incidents against us based on discrimination, hatred, and ignorance are on the rise. These incidents range from the relatively minor indignities that we often come to quietly accept as simply part of the journey, to brutal, life-threatening physical attacks.

Karen Dior (1967 – 2004) drag-queen actor, theologian
Geoffrey Gann was born in Ozark, Missouri, the son of Missouri Republican state senator Donald Gann, and raised as a Southern Baptist.
As a teenager he had earned a lot of money selling Mary Kay cosmetics to bored housewives, and at college he had first practiced the act that evolved into Karen Dior.